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Saturday, March 25, 2006

About ME :)

Hey there guys !! :)

Thanks for visiting my NEW BLOG :)) .... Now, let me do a little self-introduction, so that you can know a little about me, just a little will do, not too much ....

My name is Boo Boo, I am a 14 year old (I think) Pug. Sometimes, some people call me "puggy" or "old man". I don't really care about what they call me, as long as they give me food :)

Now, in case you do not know, 14 years old in a doggy's world like mine is SUPER DUPER GOOPER old, its like .... let's see ..... 14 x 7 = ........ 98 years old @_@ in a human world !!!! So i can safely say that I am much more elderly than most, if not all of you guys here!!! .... so be respectful, yeah !!

Oh yes, you can't really expect too much from an old man like me, and this is the first time that an old man like me is learning how to blog so please give me a while to learn how to manourver around and come visit me often yeah?


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