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Saturday, April 01, 2006

My best pal

well, my best pal got to be Benji. I don't exactly know what he is, Fat Fat told us that Benji is a mixed breed of don't know what and what. Anyway, that's not important, the important thing is, I am a pure breed and Benji isn't ... hiak hiak hiak hiak ...

well, Fat Fat always bring me and Benji out, especially during weekends.

We took this while we were at Clark Quay

See, Benji and me both look adorable and sweet, doesnt we? :)

Benji is a sweet friend, he is forever protective of me, especially from Fat Fat, who likes to punish me when I am notty ... but, life is so boring without me being notty isnt it? ... so , I have to be a little notty at times to add some spices to my life :)

ANyway, I love BENJI ... muacks muacks


At 3:28 pm, Anonymous Xiaomei said...

Wow...Notty to add spices to ur life??? Hmm...well..i hope he wil b very notty everydae to entertain ur dae den!! Wahaha!! Esp hide under e table n fight wif ah ger/boy..When u r using ur laptop...Hiak Hiak..Btw..tis pic is so sweet..Best of pals pic.. :)


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