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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Art of Sleeping

I am a Master at sleeping and is very perculiar on how, when and where I sleep.

So, you think its very easy sleeping isn't it? That's where you are wrong !! Sleeping is an art which I took years to master. Now, let me share with you the Art of Sleeping :)

This is very important as this will affect our mood when we wake up. Well, what I mean is, for example, if we sleep with our paws right under our chin, or when we sleep with our paws hidden under our body, well, our paws will feel warm definitely, but for prolong period, our paws will get numb and we will get this uncomfortable feeling, sometimes we can't even stand up or walk straight immediately with our numb paws.

And the best position which I would recommend is to actually sleep side way, so that our paws dun get numb at all. Left or right side doesnt matter, as long as its on the side.

Now, the best time to sleep is actually when the humans are not around. Can you imagine you in your deep sleep and a hand starts stroking your head or body? Or when sleeping the human cooks in the kitchen?

Dogs like me are light sleeper, we tends to wake up at the slightest movement. So in order to get the BEST sleep, it is definitely when we are alone :)

Now, we sleep, we do not sleep ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE. We must have our own "sleeping place" which we find comfortable. And me, for one, does not sleep on the cold hard floor, when I sleep, I must sleep on at least a cloth, it can be any cloth, sofa, towel, shirt, pants, .... etc. Anything, as long as its made of cloth.

Well, the logic is this, do you see any human sleeping on the cold hard floor? No, right?? So, why should we torture / ill-treat ourselves by sleeping on the cold hard floor !!!

Now .... its time for me to learn / experiment more sleeping .... nite nite ... YAWN ...

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