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Monday, October 09, 2006

Haze Haze Haze

Its been very hazy over at sunny side Singapore over the past 4 days.

What I heard was that there are some forest fire over at Indonesia (whereever that is) and the last I heard, there are over 100 hot spots and dense fire over there. But I do get hot spot too, how come I dont give out smoke and fire ???? Thats very wierd isnt it?

Anyway, the hot spots give out fire and smoke and when the wind blows towards the direction of sunny side Singapore, Singapore becomes hazy !!!!! There was one day that it got so bad that visibility has dropped to so low that I cant see further than one kilometer .... For more reports, its here

And its so bad that some of my friends are coughing and has red and watery eyes !!

And because of the haze, Gal Gal say its FOR MY OWN GOOD, that I dont go out ??

What ???? I cant go out ???? ***cry cry cry cry cry*****

When can I go out??? How bout I go overseas? Anyone want to take me in???

oh, I almost forgot, due to the haze, I get to stay in an air conditioned room 24hrs for the past few days !!!! thats so nice, its a luxury in fact :)

hmmmmmm ... on one hand, I want the haze to go, so that I get to go out, on the other hand I want the haze to stay so that I get the 24hr air con ....... What should I pray for then ....... ***thinking ...... thinking .... haze go? haze stay? haze go? haze stay? ***


At 7:48 pm, Blogger Jay said...

Hmmm, I think going outdoors is more important. As for aircon, J on it as soon as she comes home. Maybe you wanna come stay with me then?

At 11:52 pm, Anonymous Tommy said...

Boo boo... take more showers!

At 7:33 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I vote for air conditioning.

Bussie Kissies

At 9:08 am, Blogger Fu Fu said...

Boo boo, you get 24hr air con! Can I come stay with you? Eil tried to bring me into her air con room 1 night. But I got kicked out 10 mins later for making too much noise. :(

~ fufu


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