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Saturday, August 26, 2006

First gift from a fellow blogger

I am so excited and happy !!! Guess what ??

I am getting my first gift from a fellow blogger, Jay !! Isn't this amazing ?

First, I get to know lots of friends through cyberspace. Next I got a gift !! This is simply amazing !!

Well, I still got to wait for my gift, I am invited to Jay's birthday party next month, and I will get my gift then.

Oh yeah !! I am so excited and keep talking about my gifts that I forgot to introduce Jay to you. Sorry :P

Jay, is a 15 year old Australian silky terrier staying in Singapore !

Read more about Jay here.

Thanks Jay !! I will see you at your birthday bash !!


At 6:21 pm, Blogger Jay said...

Hey Boo Boo, I'm so glad you are coming to my re-birth/birthday bash. By the way, is Bond/Gel coming?

I've sent you an email... PLEASE check your email.. hee



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