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Monday, July 09, 2007

Pretty Simba

Wohooooo ..... this is my MASTERPIECE for "Pretty Simba" contest.

Paws cross I win :)


At 10:46 am, Anonymous Tommy said...

darn.. what a hot bikini chick!

At 10:52 am, Blogger Ume said...

the bikini is so sexy!!! kekeke...

At 11:34 am, Anonymous chiyo said...

HAHAHA what a skimpy bikini Booboo.

and you had a hot date! :) did you ask her for a second date?


At 12:43 pm, Blogger Bella said...

hee hee hee - that's so funny - very creative & quite daring beach wear - woo hoo, hot, hot ,hot pink

At 6:32 pm, Blogger Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Simba is so sexy. Hot pink bikini..lol

Boy n Baby

At 9:08 pm, Blogger Boo said...

booboo, pervert! i so know you are a pervert!

wet wet licks


At 11:35 pm, Blogger CASPER AND PALS said...

Oh sexy bikini!

At 9:37 am, Blogger Joe Stains said...

that is scandalous, and funny. heh

At 2:00 pm, Blogger PreciOus said...

BooBoo, you are so smart. The lesser clothes the better chance of winning ya? Hee.


At 3:27 pm, Blogger Amber-Mae said...

Hahahaha... I don't think he's gonna be too please to see this. Sexy chic! Like a chic in a barbie eh??? (it means like a chicken in a barbecue... kekeke!)

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

At 3:28 pm, Blogger ROSSI said...

Another great arts of a job!.. hahaha.. pretty Simba in hot sexy bikini..woohhooo...!!..

Golden Rossi

At 5:25 am, Blogger Momo :) said...

Hello and nice to meet you, BooBoo!I read about you on Snowball's blog and wanted to come by & say HELLO! :)

My mom's mom has four pugs who just look like you! :) I wonder if we can be friends.

Momo xoxo

At 6:31 pm, Blogger Simba said...

yer, thanks.

Simba x


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