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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Well, I hope by now, every one, dogs and human alike knows that Singapore's 2006 Election is around the corner.

Everyday, without fail, there will be someone on a lorry (I can see from the window and door) who broadcast, something like "Vote for me ... Vote for me" .... I cant make out the rest that they are saying, cos most of them are in Chinese dialects (Fat Fat only taught me PURE ENGLISH, and nothing else)

How I wish they will stop disturbing me cos most of the time when they come in their lorry, no one is at home !!! Why cant they just keep quiet or throw some food at me ... I seriously wouldnt mind that ....

Luckily, Fat Fat says that the "talking lorry" is not going to appear next week ... so I just have to bear with it ....


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