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Friday, April 21, 2006

My Family

Well, to begin with, my family consists of Fat Fat and Gal Gal, both are my human companion. I am actually closer to Gal Gal than Fat Fat and I communicate better with Gal Gal.

The next in line are my half brothers, and I have got quite a few of them. And they are (in order of seniority) :-

Boy Boy Senior the poodle

Boy Boy Senior is a toy poodle whom Fat Fat rescued from the street. He was very old then, maybe about 12? 13? or was it 14? ... well, nobody knows and obviously Boy Boy Senior was too old to remember his age then.

Wow !!! He smelt horrible when he first came, smell like rubbish, with ticks all over him, in his paws, in his fur, in his ears, EVERYWHERE !! Can you imagine that?

Fat Fat had no choice but to shave him down, even to his last fur.

This was how he looked like then.

And this is him after his fur grew back.

Anyway, he was my brother for about 2 years before he passed away due to old age.


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