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Monday, April 24, 2006

Outing at Yishun

Last weekend, I went out with some of my new found friends at yishun. It was a potluck outing. Meaning to say each will bring some food and we will share. I thought that we will have a GREAT TIME pigging out .... But alas, who knows, the potluck thingy was for the human !!!

***super mega sigh******** .... life is so super unfair..... :(

I met lots of new friends there, there were Goulis, Princess, Buffy (all of them are SG SPECIAL) and all of them look so much alike .. all black black ones, but luckily, their faces were not black that day ... haha

Junior the JRT, QQ the maltese, Feyon the Shitzu were also there. There were also a few others Shitzu, but I cant remember their names, (I know I am old !! stop reminding me)

And I love Winner and Hazel, the tiny Chihuahua ... haha ... I looked like a giant when I am with them.

Its a pity that I didnt bring my camera, else I could have shown you guys the photo of my new friends.

Well, I didnt miss out much on the potluck thingy as I managed to con some humans for some food with my "acting". All I have to do is to give them this pathetic, hungry look and look at them straight in the eyes, not forgetting, performing a little tail wagging tricks and I managed to get lots of treats and food. :) ... However, as usual, non of this were from my owner !!! ~@@#$%^&*()_+ ..... That miser!!! I knew she was out to starve me to death !!

Wow, I was so tired that I sleep all the way home and .... boy ... was I tired....

I heard my friends mentioned something about a beach outing next to sentosa, well, count me out for that. I hate water, I would rather sleep than go to the beach.


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