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Monday, May 08, 2006

The day I fought with GR

I am normally a very laid back, quiet and lazy fellow. And for the record, I have never never in my life fought with any dogs, human, plant or insect before .... well, except with my siblings when they try to eat my food.

But MY RULE is this, as long as you do not snatch my food, I will not fight.

However, the above rules does not apply to a GR which for some unknown reasons, does not likes me and who keeps provoking me.

One day, Fat Fat bought me to a pet shop as he was helping his friend to do some grooming.

As usual, I was lazing around, minding my own business while waiting for Fat Fat. In fact, I fall alseep :P ... Then, a GR came into the shop. Well, he just couldnt leave me alone the moment he came in, he kept nosing me, pawing me, as if I was a toy rag or something.

I decided to go under the counter to continue my beauty sleep and also partly to avoid the GR. But he kept following me and disturbing my beauty sleep. Naturally, I wasnt too pleased with him. NOBODY in this world, not even my siblings dare to paw me !! and he did that countless time ...

I went to Fat Fat for help inside the grooming room. Fat Fat close the glass door once I was inside and within seconds, the GR turn to bite me, and please !!! for goodness sake !!! NO ONE DOES THAT TO BOO BOO !! And I turn and bite him too ...

So what happen was, the GR and me were biting each other .... THROUGH THE GLASS DOOR ... duh .... duhzzz ... I know I know

anyway, I won as I didnt surfer any injuries, but the GR was bleeding at his gum ... hehehheheh ....

BOTTOMLINE .... I WON .... hahahah .... a pug fought with a GR and WON ... yipeee !!


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