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Monday, August 13, 2007

DWB SingaPaw Party - Part 1

WARNING : THIS POST CONTAINS PICS WHICH MAY ALSO UPSET YOUR STOMACH. Do not read if you just had your meals, is going to have your meals, is feeling unwell. In short, read and see at your own risk.

I invited Girl Girl the CKCS to attend the DWB SingaPaw Party last week and we had lots of fun there, we played with the nice doggies there and there was also a bark day cake to celebrate Boy's and Huskee's bark day. More of the DWB SingaPaw Party later.

So, off we went to the party, Girl Girl the CKCS gets to roam the place free as she had always been a very obedient girl and is never known to run off, in fact she is a scary cat, she dares not run away too far from us. And me? I stayed with Gal Gal the whole time of the pawty, errr ..... errrr .... as I am a naughty boy and I LOVES to mark. If Gal Gal lets me have a free roam of the place, chances are, she have to run after me with a mop, cleaning the whole place as I am full of "water" and I can release quite a lot :P

Anyway, guess what? The humans didnt notice that Girl Girl the CKCS went around begging for food and the people at the cafe kept feeding her ...... and it was later that the humans realised that Girl Girl the CKCS had tonnes of liver treats.

And the next day, Girl Girl the CKCS end up with a stomach upset and which resulted in this

This is only part of her "output" and the humans are not exactly happy about it .......

Now you see, we always have this mindset that before you feed other people's dog any food, it is basic courtesy to check with the owner. Some dogs are known to be allergy to certain food and some are know to have health problems and we don't want to end up feeding other people's dogs things that they shouldn't eat in the first place. And when the owner say enough, that means enough, you do not carry on feeding and feeding and feeding.

Just like the other day, the human is not very happy when someone kept feeding me ice cream and when the human told that person that "Its too much, Boo Boo shouldn't be eating too much" but the person still said "Never mind, once a while is fine" ..... hmmmmmm .......

Also, liver when taken in large amount can becomes toxic to dogs.

It is not surprising that some dogs came down ill / uncomfortable after the pawty. And according to what I know, 2 dogs including Girl Girl the CKCS went home with stomach upset. 1 dog who is recuperating from kidney failure had a relapse after the pawty.

However, to be fair, I think the owners (ie Gal Gal) is partly to be blamed for this, as she did not see what Girl Girl the CKCS was doing. But I hope that people will check with the owners before they feed other peoples dog in future.

Hmmmmmmm ...... Should I be wearing a tag which says "Please check with my human before you feed me." next time I go out?


At 8:54 am, Blogger Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...


We totally understand and feel for you. Lucky thing we are not those kind who accepts frood from strangers or we might have the same problem.

We also understand that too much of liver is no good. We hope Girl Girl is fine now.

Boy n Baby

At 9:41 am, Blogger Boo said...

BooBoo, totally understandably what you are saying. some dogs are allergy to certain food. but i'm the dustbin, accept anything. kekekeke.

wet wet licks


At 9:58 am, Blogger Huskee Boy said...

Hi Boo Boo...
Oh dear.. I hope Girl Girl is ok..

At 10:27 am, Blogger Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh no poor Girl girl, I hope she's better now. I heard some other dogs were not well after the pawty too. Yeah, I think people should ask the owner's permission before feeding the dogs coz some dogs are allergy to certain ingrediants.

~ Girl girl

At 11:08 am, Blogger Luckie Girl said...

Hey BOo Boo,
UH oh..I hope Girl Girl is better now. I had a teeny weeny bit of wet poop the next day. Mom said I'm greedy so next time I will learn my lesson.
Thanks for organising the pawty!!
Nice meeting you...and Girl Girl (she's very friendly!!)

At 12:40 pm, Anonymous chiyo said...

i agree totally, Booboo!!! what an upsetting thing to happen to Girl girl and Gal gal. good thing it can't happen to you cos you're with Galgal most of the time. HM also gets very annoyed when people try to give me hooman food even though she said no very clearly. it's so rude!!!

but i hope it didn't spoil the party for you guys. great meeting up again and a big thank you to Galgal for organising!! :)


At 1:48 pm, Blogger PreciOus said...

Oh dear, I hope Girl Girl is feeling better now.


At 7:53 pm, Blogger ROSSI said...

BooBoo, that is so right.. luckily i don't eat whatever hoomans feed me whenever am outside with other doggies.. am too distracted to eat..:P

Hope GG and other doggie are ok now..

Golden Rossi

At 8:45 pm, Blogger Amber-Mae said...

Ooooh, that looks bad & *ahem* watery...I ate alot of liver too yesterday after the event. My friend's mommy gave me a bag of liver coz I was starving, I didn't eat the whole day & so I walloped it all in one gulp. And then today I got one big pile of smelly watery poop! Eeeew, it was really smelly! Must have been the liver coz who knows whether it's fresh or not coz it has been in her bag for more than 5hours. I hope Girl Girl's tummy will get well soon...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer


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