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Friday, April 14, 2006

Lousy morning ......

Damn !!!!! I got smack in the early morning TODAY !!!!!! .... here is what happens :-

Last night, before the humans went to bed, they gave me a cloth to sleep on as usual.

In the middle of the night, Ah Gal the CKCS, decides to pee ON MY CLOTH !!!! So I am left with no where to sleep !! I went round the room to find a place to sleep, but guess what ???? There is NO CLOTH FOR ME TO SLEEP ON !!!! I have to sleep on at least a cloth !!!!!

I keep pacing up the room, whinning at the same time to find a place to sleep, and I even woke the humans up ... but no one bothered about me!! Not at all !! How can they sleep so peacefully and left me there, all by myself looking for a place to sleep?

Anyway, it didnt take me long to pull down a handbag from the table. And I went ahead to empty almost everything in the handbag. I mean there are so many things in the handbag, handphones, wallets, pens, etc etc .... and I didnt want to lay my 12kg body on these things in case I crash them or something. Also, with all these things in the bags, the bags are not even and uncomfortable to sleep on.

To my shock and horror, I heard a scream the next morning, the human thought some robbers came into the room or what, with all those things from the handbag scattered all over the room. (In fact it was only part of the room, they over-exagerrated).

And for that I got smack twice on my bum, but Ah Gal got caned on her bum, cause she uriniated and pee on the floor .... hiak hiak hiak hiak ....

anyway, lousy morning for me, I will go replenish my beauty sleep now


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