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Monday, April 10, 2006

Pug friends

Well, actually, I do not have that many pugs friends here in Singapore. In fact, I was told that I should not even be here as Singapore's climate is way too hot for me !!!!

Well, anyway, I survived all these years, just that I am a lonely pug, in the sense that I seldom see dogs of my kind. Well, thats makes me a very very very special breed in Singapore !!!! :)

So special that some people on the street also don't know what am I. And some even thought that I am a Bull Dog !!!

Luckily, I chanced upon some overseas pug sites and felt I am an alien no more ! :) I will try to keep in touch with some of them and hope to be best of pals soon :)

this is how "SPECIAL" I look :)


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