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Thursday, June 15, 2006

I am not a scarly cat !!!

Well, I am not exactly very happy that my brother, Bond, is calling me a scarly cat. First of all, I am NOT a cat. Second of all, it is the vets that make me scare of them, I am not scared of them initially.

Let me tell you my horrifying plus terrifying experience with Dr Ling the last time round. And you judge for yourself whether it is the vets scare me or something else.

I was never afraid of vets, initially, not even when they give me jabs. Cos the jabs were normally give at the back of my body, near my shoulder, where I cant see it.

Well, one day, Fat Fat decided that he should let me do a heartworm test. And why, I am totally clueless !!! Well what happen was that, Dr Ling came to me with an injection needle and wanted to poke me ......

And the look of that needle is so horrifying and terrifying that I start to fumble. I thought she wanted to put me to sleep or something, so out of desperation, I turn to snap her. Lucky she was fast enough and I miss her by one inch ....

Anyway, Dr Ling said, "Muzzle Boo Boo!" ... When Dr Ling said that, I began to laugh and starting rolling on the table ..... What muzzle me ?? muzzle a pug with no snort? .... hahahahaha ... this is so super duper funny ....

But my happiness is always short-lived!!! Dr Ling looked at Fat Fat and Gal Gal and told them to "hold me down" and he got a lab technician to hold my head and to "close my mouth" ....

So can you imagine, 4 human holding down a 12 KG little helpless, harmless pug ? Just to extract some blood which rightfully belongs to me ?????

Now, you tell me, if this happens to you, will you not be terrified of vets?

You be the judge !!


At 6:19 am, Blogger Cubby said...

I'm sorry you have to be abused so much!


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