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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Oh ! I am so excited !!!

Tibby is starting a BINGO game and this is my LUCKY BINGO card !!!!!!


Wish me luck will you ?


Happy Lunar New Year to all my friends !!!!


As we welcome the new year, we also welcome 2 new additions to our small village, anyone can guess who the new additions to our village is ?

We were having a small village conference yesterday with the 2 new additions (in fact only one is new) yesterday.

Boo Boo (BB) : Welcome to our village ! As a village head, each of us shall now brief you on our village rules. So LISTEN UP, especially the new guys !


Bond : I cant remember which rule number this is, but it says "NO fighting is allowed - if you must fight, please do not draw blood, or else .........(oppppssss, its the Chinese New Year now, I am not supposed to say bad or threatening things, so please fill in the blank ............

Zen : Yeah Yeah Yeah ........

Girl Girl the CKCS : No peeing or pooing except INSIDE the toilet, or else ........... **piak piak piak*** ........

Boy Boy the CKCS : No running outside the house and gate, or else ............ ***whisper : dont ever come back*** .... As a guide, do not cross the line shown in the below pic

Boo Boo : ok !! These are the basic house rules, learn them well and you will enjoy your stay here.

Zen : Hey ! Patches ! Didnt you tell me this is a nice holiday resort ? Didnt you tell me the people and dogs here are nice ? How come you didnt tell me about all these rules !!?? I felt like I am in prison !!

Patches : Hey Sistar ! Everything comes with a price ! You want to enjoy resort facilities you have to pay with a price ! you didnt ask me for the price tag .........

Boo Boo, Bond, Girl Girl the CKCS, Boy Boy the CKCS, Patches : ****EVIL GRIN*****

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Boo Boo the Chef at work

This is the first time that I am showing off my cooking skills, all this skills doesn't come easy. You need lots of practise to make it perfect.

First of all, you need minced beef / chicken / pork or any meat. You have to decide the quantity. But the quantity should be enough to feed a village. I have a small village here, so I am only cooking this much

Next, put in 4 raw eggs, or you decide the amount of eggs that you need.

Then mix the egg and meat until it is very even and lay the patty on a plate like this. You may want to draw some lines on the patty so that it will be evenly cooked.
Next, put the whole plate into a steamer and steam for about 7 minutes and your dinner is ready !!!

Oh wait ! remember we had 4 eggs earlier, DO NOT throw away the egg shell. Egg shell are good source for calcium. What you can do is to get a pounder, put all the egg shell in, like this And you just keep pounding and pounding for about 5 minutes and you should get powdered egg shell like this
You can sprinkled the egg shell onto the meat and your dinner is ready !!! Start chomping pal !

Oh ! I didnt have time to take photos before I eat ! who does that anyway ?

Friday, January 02, 2009

I am fine :)

Thanks for all the concern, I am fine!

Let me tell you in details what actually happen that day. Girl the CKCS was eating something NOT yummy on MY bed, and when I went over to take over my bed, that not-so-lady lady just suddenly lunged at me and attacked my handsome face. There was some exchange of words between the both of us and Gal Gal the human came and broke up the fight, chased Girl the CKCS away from MY bed, punished the CKCS and put me down on MY bed.

After she was done with punishing the CKCS, she came and kiss me, but she was shocked to see that the WHOLE of my left eyes is bloodied !!! No exageration, it was the whole eye, she thought that the CKCS had punctured my eyes or something.

As it was past midnight then, I did not go to the vet. Gal Gal the human give me first aid immediately.

But luckily I only had a tear on my eye lid and my balls, I mean eye balls, are still intact and not injured. Phew !!!

Oh, Girl the human punished the CKCS soooooooooooooooo HARD that the CKCS did not dare to come near to me or the human for the whole day, when she sees either of us, she practically went into hiding.

Well, I shall be forgiving and forgive her then:)

Oh, this is my handsome eye and face. No visible wounds :)

Still Handsome right ?