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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Sleepless Night

I have been having sleepless nights this 2 weeks. All thanks to an irritating new born baby !!!

What I totally dont understand is why must baby wake up in the middle of the night and cry ???? i mean cant they just sleep through the night like me??

I gets irritated when the baby starts crying and I will always starts imagining things, I wonder whether anyone will comes into our room, etc etc, and thus I start barking.

And the worst part is when I starts barking, Boy Boy starts barking too ... And we will have a symphony or something. Obviously, Fat Fat wasnt happy about it and he will starts scolding us.

But but but but but .... why scold us when we are not the one starting it??? Why doesnt he scold the baby instead...

Well, anyway, I hopes the crying stop soon, its driving me NUTSSSSSSSSSSSS

Monday, April 24, 2006

Outing at Yishun

Last weekend, I went out with some of my new found friends at yishun. It was a potluck outing. Meaning to say each will bring some food and we will share. I thought that we will have a GREAT TIME pigging out .... But alas, who knows, the potluck thingy was for the human !!!

***super mega sigh******** .... life is so super unfair..... :(

I met lots of new friends there, there were Goulis, Princess, Buffy (all of them are SG SPECIAL) and all of them look so much alike .. all black black ones, but luckily, their faces were not black that day ... haha

Junior the JRT, QQ the maltese, Feyon the Shitzu were also there. There were also a few others Shitzu, but I cant remember their names, (I know I am old !! stop reminding me)

And I love Winner and Hazel, the tiny Chihuahua ... haha ... I looked like a giant when I am with them.

Its a pity that I didnt bring my camera, else I could have shown you guys the photo of my new friends.

Well, I didnt miss out much on the potluck thingy as I managed to con some humans for some food with my "acting". All I have to do is to give them this pathetic, hungry look and look at them straight in the eyes, not forgetting, performing a little tail wagging tricks and I managed to get lots of treats and food. :) ... However, as usual, non of this were from my owner !!! ~@@#$%^&*()_+ ..... That miser!!! I knew she was out to starve me to death !!

Wow, I was so tired that I sleep all the way home and .... boy ... was I tired....

I heard my friends mentioned something about a beach outing next to sentosa, well, count me out for that. I hate water, I would rather sleep than go to the beach.

My Family - Part 4


Well, you can read more about Bond here

Ah Gal
Fat Fat and Gal Gal found Ah Gal along one of the Lorongs in Geylang. Well, initially, I was wondering what Fat Fat and Gal Gal were doing at Geylang until I found out that they went for dinner WITHOUT ME !!! ~!@#$%^&*()_+ Those 2 ungrateful ones ...

Anyway, Ah Gal is also a CKCS like Boy Boy Junior, except that she behaves more like a kangaroo. She shock all of us when we realise that she is able to jump over a 1.5m high baby gate and she is also brave enough to jump off a 2m high cupboard .... Thank God she didnt break her legs or something.

Well, the only conclusion I can draw is that all of us are too FAT to jump, and obviously, she is the most skinny than the rest of us.... well, she is a kangaroo incarnate.

My Family - Part 3

Boy Boy Junior

Boy Boy is a CKCS which Fat Fat adopted from Doggiesite

Boy Boy is a very cute, sweet and nice little chap. He has grown closer to me ever since Benji's departure. I am now his big brother, in the sense that he cant sleep and sleep without me.

He actually whines a lot, and yes, i mean HELL A LOTTTTTTTTTTT ... when he cant sees me .... *faint*** .... is he gay or what?

Boy Boy is actually very vocal, when he first came, he barks a lot and obviously Fat Fat wasn't too happy about it and he has since undergone some intensive crash course to make him learn that barking isn't good.

He has since improve a lot and YES A LOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT ..... that he is now not as barkish.

Look at his sweet face ..............

Flying ears !!!!!!

Spot the differences

Can you guess which is Boy Boy Senior and which is Benji ? 1st entry which came in correct will get a free pawtograph :)

Friday, April 21, 2006

My Family - Part 2


Benji is my best pal and also "Dad". We are the "Father-and-son" tag team. :) ... and I love him heaps !!!!!

Fat Fat got Benji first, so Benji was my playmate since my first day home. And yes, it was love at first sight for both of us :) Benji was a fatherly figure to me. He love me so much that he is always very protective of me, saving the best toy and food for me. And errr ... yes, he also protects me from all the beatings when I am naughty .... hiak hiak hiak hiak ....

This is handsome Benji. See how furry he is, so unlike me ... hiak hiak

And this is a photo of us :) See how photogenic is he ....

Unfortunately, Benji left me about 1 1/2 years ago due to old age too.

But its ok, Benji and Boy Boy Senior are waiting for us over at rainbow bridge :)

My Family

Well, to begin with, my family consists of Fat Fat and Gal Gal, both are my human companion. I am actually closer to Gal Gal than Fat Fat and I communicate better with Gal Gal.

The next in line are my half brothers, and I have got quite a few of them. And they are (in order of seniority) :-

Boy Boy Senior the poodle

Boy Boy Senior is a toy poodle whom Fat Fat rescued from the street. He was very old then, maybe about 12? 13? or was it 14? ... well, nobody knows and obviously Boy Boy Senior was too old to remember his age then.

Wow !!! He smelt horrible when he first came, smell like rubbish, with ticks all over him, in his paws, in his fur, in his ears, EVERYWHERE !! Can you imagine that?

Fat Fat had no choice but to shave him down, even to his last fur.

This was how he looked like then.

And this is him after his fur grew back.

Anyway, he was my brother for about 2 years before he passed away due to old age.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Bond - My Friend

I have been busy lately helping my friend Bond to set up his blog at www.goldenbond.blogspot.com

Bond is my half brother, errr.... no no no, Bond is not a pug, in fact, he is not any where near a pug, he is a golden retriever.

We are half brothers as we share the same human companion, Fat Fat.

I have been busy teaching him how to post pics, creat blog, blah blah blah .... and now that he is on his own, I have more time now ....

but but but but but .... I just feel like lazing around now

Friday, April 14, 2006

Lousy morning ......

Damn !!!!! I got smack in the early morning TODAY !!!!!! .... here is what happens :-

Last night, before the humans went to bed, they gave me a cloth to sleep on as usual.

In the middle of the night, Ah Gal the CKCS, decides to pee ON MY CLOTH !!!! So I am left with no where to sleep !! I went round the room to find a place to sleep, but guess what ???? There is NO CLOTH FOR ME TO SLEEP ON !!!! I have to sleep on at least a cloth !!!!!

I keep pacing up the room, whinning at the same time to find a place to sleep, and I even woke the humans up ... but no one bothered about me!! Not at all !! How can they sleep so peacefully and left me there, all by myself looking for a place to sleep?

Anyway, it didnt take me long to pull down a handbag from the table. And I went ahead to empty almost everything in the handbag. I mean there are so many things in the handbag, handphones, wallets, pens, etc etc .... and I didnt want to lay my 12kg body on these things in case I crash them or something. Also, with all these things in the bags, the bags are not even and uncomfortable to sleep on.

To my shock and horror, I heard a scream the next morning, the human thought some robbers came into the room or what, with all those things from the handbag scattered all over the room. (In fact it was only part of the room, they over-exagerrated).

And for that I got smack twice on my bum, but Ah Gal got caned on her bum, cause she uriniated and pee on the floor .... hiak hiak hiak hiak ....

anyway, lousy morning for me, I will go replenish my beauty sleep now

Monday, April 10, 2006

Pug friends

Well, actually, I do not have that many pugs friends here in Singapore. In fact, I was told that I should not even be here as Singapore's climate is way too hot for me !!!!

Well, anyway, I survived all these years, just that I am a lonely pug, in the sense that I seldom see dogs of my kind. Well, thats makes me a very very very special breed in Singapore !!!! :)

So special that some people on the street also don't know what am I. And some even thought that I am a Bull Dog !!!

Luckily, I chanced upon some overseas pug sites and felt I am an alien no more ! :) I will try to keep in touch with some of them and hope to be best of pals soon :)

this is how "SPECIAL" I look :)

Kangaroo Tails

Gal Gal bought me some smoked Kangaroo tails, or the aussie calls it roo tail, last week.

This is the first time that I have seen a roo tail, well, we do not have that many Kangaroo in Singapore. :P

It actually taste very nice, smell very nice, just that its a bit oily. I was told that the oil is actually from the kangaroo themselves. But not to worry, had already pressed out some of the oil before the roo tails were served.

I only managed to have one last week. it tasted quite good, very good in fact. And the roo tail helps to clean my teeth too !!

I hope to have more roo tails soon.

Will post up the pics very soon :)

Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Art of Sleeping - Part 2

I have found a NEW WAY OF SLEEPING !! :)

The other day, when gal gal (She happens to be my favourite female person in this world) was reading on the floor, and I look around and can't find any cloth around for me to sleep on .... an evil thought came to my mind ...

I slowly walk over to gal gal, look at her with my most handsome eyes and proceeded to go onto her laps and tummy, and immediately close my eyes to sleep .... wow !!! this is heavenly !!! At last, I found a cloth to sleep on ...

But obviously, gal gal was not to happy about it. Can you imagine a 12 kg dog on your lap and tummy ?? Well, and obviously, I didnt get to sleep on her for long, before I know it, gal gal put me on the floor and went off.

But hey !!! where am i going to sleep now that I do not have a cloth ... arggghhh ...

Dont care, I followed gal gal and use my mouth to tuck on her dress, wanting her to sit down for me to lie on ...

well, obviously it didnt work .... I cant sleeppppppppp

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Art of Sleeping

I am a Master at sleeping and is very perculiar on how, when and where I sleep.

So, you think its very easy sleeping isn't it? That's where you are wrong !! Sleeping is an art which I took years to master. Now, let me share with you the Art of Sleeping :)

This is very important as this will affect our mood when we wake up. Well, what I mean is, for example, if we sleep with our paws right under our chin, or when we sleep with our paws hidden under our body, well, our paws will feel warm definitely, but for prolong period, our paws will get numb and we will get this uncomfortable feeling, sometimes we can't even stand up or walk straight immediately with our numb paws.

And the best position which I would recommend is to actually sleep side way, so that our paws dun get numb at all. Left or right side doesnt matter, as long as its on the side.

Now, the best time to sleep is actually when the humans are not around. Can you imagine you in your deep sleep and a hand starts stroking your head or body? Or when sleeping the human cooks in the kitchen?

Dogs like me are light sleeper, we tends to wake up at the slightest movement. So in order to get the BEST sleep, it is definitely when we are alone :)

Now, we sleep, we do not sleep ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE. We must have our own "sleeping place" which we find comfortable. And me, for one, does not sleep on the cold hard floor, when I sleep, I must sleep on at least a cloth, it can be any cloth, sofa, towel, shirt, pants, .... etc. Anything, as long as its made of cloth.

Well, the logic is this, do you see any human sleeping on the cold hard floor? No, right?? So, why should we torture / ill-treat ourselves by sleeping on the cold hard floor !!!

Now .... its time for me to learn / experiment more sleeping .... nite nite ... YAWN ...

Monday, April 03, 2006

Bull Dog & Me

This is really very funny, everytime when I goes out, either to dog run, shopping centres or just on the street, there are bound to be at least one person who points to me, YES ME !!, and say, "Look !! BULL DOG!!"

And when I turn around, there's no bull dog around, the only dog that I see is ME!! ..

Now I really cant get this, do I really look like a bull dog, judge for yourself and let me know what you think yeah.

This is me

This is what I call a bull dog

Do we really look so alike???? Beats me !!! ... I thought I look so much cuter :P

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Complaint King

Fat Fat just gave me a new nickname "COMPLAINT KING" ...... Well, I am actually not a complaint king, I am just doing my job as a big brother in the house. This is what happens :-

I make hell lots of noise whenever, Ah Gal, the CKCS, ventures into unauthorised area in the house, just to warn Fat Fat about it .... well, for this, he calls me a "COMPLAINT KING" .... what an ungrateful brat !!

Well, Ah Gal, is actually not fully toilet train yet, and there are times when she makes some accident, on the common area. And as usual, I will make hell lots of noise AGAIN ... I may whine some times too. Cause you see, I am a senior citizens, what if i step on the pee and fall? ... Falling is a bad thing for senior citizens you know? So I have to alert Fat Fat about it, don't you think so ... and AGAIN !! for this, he calls me a "COMPLAINT KING" .....

Can someone help me to knock some sense into him??

Saturday, April 01, 2006

My best pal

well, my best pal got to be Benji. I don't exactly know what he is, Fat Fat told us that Benji is a mixed breed of don't know what and what. Anyway, that's not important, the important thing is, I am a pure breed and Benji isn't ... hiak hiak hiak hiak ...

well, Fat Fat always bring me and Benji out, especially during weekends.

We took this while we were at Clark Quay

See, Benji and me both look adorable and sweet, doesnt we? :)

Benji is a sweet friend, he is forever protective of me, especially from Fat Fat, who likes to punish me when I am notty ... but, life is so boring without me being notty isnt it? ... so , I have to be a little notty at times to add some spices to my life :)

ANyway, I love BENJI ... muacks muacks