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I am a pug who loves FOOD, FOOD, FOOD, FOOD and more FOOD :) Nothing gets me more excited than FOOD, when I am not eating, you will find me resting ....

Monday, September 25, 2006

Me - a Lonely, Loner Dog

I received a few concerned replies regarding my last post about me being a lonely, loner dog. Well, I think I need to clarify on that part.

I am basically a lonely, loner dog because .... because ... because .... hmmm .... I cant think of a reason !!!

I think it is just me, its in my genes to be lonely and a loner.

You see, Gal Gal had been trying to socialise me since you. She always brings me to dog runs (or what some call it the dog park), dog show, beaches, dogs events, etc etc etc ....

But I just simply refused to make friends with doggies !!! I prefer the lamp post, trees and grasses more than any doggie friends. The most that I will do is to sniff their bum and continue to talk and make friends with the lamp post, trees and grasses.

Well thats me, initially, Gal Gal even hold me to the leash and insist and DEMAND that I make friends with other doggies, but well well .... I am just a lonely, loner dog, I shall have no other friends besides those playmates in the house ... Thats how faithful I am to them .... hahahahaha

Well, other than those REAL, PHYSICAL friends, I do make very very good friends with my internet friends :) ....

Who want to make friends with me here?? .... anyone pls ?? Ok, I got quite a few friends already ... counting counting

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Tag Tag Tag

I have been tagged AGAIN !! But this time, for a different reason.

Its not exactly the same game as the last time, this time, I am supposed to say 5 things that makes a good doggie friend .... and I have been thinking thinking thinking REAL HARD ..... and can only come up with the following 5 reasons:-

A good doggies friend,

1) shares his food
2) shares his leftover
3) shares his titbit
4) shares his ............
5) shares his ......

Well, you see, my problem is that, I I I .... I ... I ... I am a lonely, loner dog ....

You see, I love to be in my own world and have very few friends (except the few very good friends that I know from the internet). So I dont really know what makes a good doggie friend and my best knowledge is on FOOD, FOOD and still FOOD ..... so thats why I think the above 5 qualities make a good doggie friend :)

Monday, September 11, 2006


These photos were taken when I was deep alseep on the human's bed ..... I didnt even know my photos were taken ....

Oppss .... unglam sleeping pose showing my xxxxx ... >.<

This certainly looks more decent :)

Brrrrrr .... cold cold cold

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Latest Bed

After my last post on my Bed, a few concerned friends highlighted to me the danger of sleeping so high up in the air .... some are worried that I may sleepwalk and fall and some said I may roll over and fall and break an old bones or something.

Thanks for all the concern. Well, I managed to get Gal Gal to give me a NEW BED !!

Well, its not exactly new, its "converted" from a dog carrier. And this is how it looks like

As you can all see, this is way too tiny for me ... Fat Fat even mentioned that it looks like a whelping area used by a bitch and its babies ....

For the record, I am a MALE, I am NO bitch, and I have got NO babies .....

but I like the new bed ... hahahaha

This is a close up of me sleeping

Does anyone here have any bigger bed to spare ??? I need a BIGGER bed badly ....