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Monday, July 28, 2008

My VIRGIN master piece

I am proud to present to everyone my VIRGIN Master piece - a mini blanket !!!

This is the first time I am doing something like this, and this is the first time my old paws drew something.

And I am going to give this to Skye's grandpa who is not feeling well. Please join in this special mission if you can. It doesnt take much time to draw, you dont have to draw even, you can just sign off your name and TADA !!!

And I didnt buy that mini blanket, I just took one of the humans old tee-shirt and cut it up !! shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..... please dont tell them

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I am upset ..... ..... ..... ......

I am now so upset ....... ..... ....

I have only been away for one week, and when I come back, I realised that SOME OF MY FRIENDS are upset !! .... ..... ..... Oh man !! what happened? I want my cheerful friends back !!!

I check with my lazy brother, Bond, and I realised that some of my friends are upset cos of an insensitive comment that one blogger made over here.

Now, DWB has always been a very peaceful and nice place for dogs all over the world to share their knowledge and also to make more friends. So, I think we should keep it this way, be nice to people, do not make insensitive remarks and I am sure the DWB spirit will go a long way :)

We should always feel proud of ourselves, irregardless of our breed, size, color, and *AHEM** age .... ... ... YES !! I AM PROUD TO BE OLD !!! DONT YOU DARE CHALLENGE ME ON MY AGE (I doubt there are many dogs who are as old or older than me :P )!! AND DONT YOU DARE LAUGH AT MY AGE !! I am one wise man !! And most important of all, do not feel a disgrace at all ! Its not degrading to be a dog !!

So, to all my dear friends, I will only allow you to be angry this once. So,

Goofy , please do not be angry any more
Girl Girl, please do not be angry any more also
Ben Ben, you also dont be angry
Twister, wow !!! I hope you are alright after the longggggggggggggggg angry post
And you, Huskee, you should be the last dog to be angry, go make your mum happy!

And yes, after all these I hope you guys will be a happy doggy !!! LIKE ME !!! YES DOGGIES !!! I WANT TO HEAR A LOUD HAPPY AND YES !!!!

Now let's see, how do you think our hoo-mans can make us happy doggies ?

Let me start the ball rolling and you guys start the ball rolling ok ?

1) I think my hoo-man can make me a happy dog by pawtecting me ALL THE TIME.

By not putting me or other dogs / hoo-man in unnecessary danger. For instance, I think the hoo-man should leash us up if the hoo-man knows that we are snappy, or at least warn other hoo-mans, that we dogs can be snappy. This may safe us from unnecessary trouble.

PHEW !! I am tired after this long "lecture" ....... I shall now tag all my friends to tell me SOMTHING that your hoo-man can make you happy.

Now Girl Girl, Goofy, Ben Ben, Huskee and Twisby, tell me something which your hoo-man will make you a happy doggy or hammie !!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The things about Breeds

I see that there are some taggings going around about breeds and thought it may be good to do a post on breeds ......

Maybe its just me, but I do believe that there is a general perception of the different breeds around.

Some say that pugs, (***ahem**** thats my breed) ..... are perceived to be full of worries ...... BUT the truth is that, we pugs, worry about nothing as long as you give us our food and play.

Some say Golden Retriever, (**Ahem*** thats my brother Bond) are gentle and calm ..... But the truth is that my dear brother Bond, is NOT very gentle and calm when he sees big dogs, he is known to have fight and injured big dogs. But he has improved so much now, he does not dare to start anything should our FIERCE human (**Ahem*** Thats our Gal Gal) be around

Some say that Cavaliar King Charles Spaniel, (**Ahem** Thats my brother Boy Boy) are known to be courages and cheerful ..... But the truth is that, he can be an irritating whiner at times ....

Some says that Rottweiler are fierce and they kill every single thing that is moving, like cats or small dogs. BUT the truth is that ....... Bear and Bruno are one of the sweetest Rottweiler I have ever seen. The may be huge, but I tell you, they are more gentle than Bond, thats FOR SURE !!

Some say that Bull Terriers are very fierce, and some bull terriers are known to have torn the faces or limbs of children. But I cant imagine the sleepy Scuba to do that.

But what I am trying to say here is that, what you perceived the breed to be, may not be what is the temperament of the dog.

And I always believe that, like a child, the dog is what it is not because of its breed, but because of what its owners have been teaching / training him.

For example, maltese are know to be very meek and mild, and clean and white. But I have seen maltese that are full of brown stains and snap when people touch it.
(Photo courtesy of http://www.allsmalldogbreeds.com/maltese.html)

So, all I can say is that, a dogs characteristics and temperament are "groomed" by the owner. There should be no general perception of any dogs.

Hey ! One question doggies and hammies, what is your perception of me ? SAy ! Tell Me !

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Noodle, and chicken

Guess what doggies ? I had chicken noodles for din din one day. There were chicken breast and intestines and noodles !!! Oh yeah, I had finished some of the chicken before this photo was taken :S ...... Lucky the humans did that, else they will be left with a photo of a bowl of plain noodles :P

Anyone wants to share my chicken noodle?