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Friday, November 23, 2007


Guess what ?

I had yummylicious durians last night !!!

Some say durians sell awful, but I just love it !!!

What fruits do you like ?

Monday, November 19, 2007


Happy BARK-DAY to me !!
Happy BARK-DAY to me !!!!
Happy BARK-DAY to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
HAPPY BARK-DAY TO Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Yeah !!!! Here's wishing myself a very happy BARK-DAY!!

Wait ....... errrrrr ....... its not exactly my BARK-DAY. The fact is, I dont know when is my barkday !!!!!

I was pick up from the roadside by FAT FAT when I was still a very small puppy and being a puppy, I know nuts ..... let alone my barkday. So I have adopted my human, Gal Gal's bark-day as my bark-day too !! Sounds complicating ?

Well not exactly, my bark-day = Gal Gal's bark-day = my human's barkday. Still complicating ? Never mind then ......................

Anyway, I had a very very very very very nice Barbecue at a pool side, together with my doggies friends and some of Gal Gal's friend.

Let me show you some of the presents that I got,

A cool RED TIE from my friends waxy & kipling :) The tie is a PERFECT MATCH :)

And I even sleep with my new tie !!
Oh yes ! You g0t to see this !! A new bed from ........ wait , let me see what the parcel says. It says,
Hmmmmmmmmm ..... I know who is Huskee Boy ..... But "MRS HUSKEE BOY" ?? ?? I am not sure who is "MRS HUSKEE BOY", but there are only a few female Singapore d0g-bloggers in Singapore ....... I wonder whether Snowball is "MRS HUSKEE BOY". If it is "CONGRATS TO HUSKEE BOY AND SNOWBALL !!!!!" ..... By the way, why wasn't I invited to your wedding ?

Oh yeah, back to my presents, I got this HUGE YELLOW bed from them !!! and I mean huge, and its COMFORTABLE !!! I LOVE IT !!!And as you can see !! I am the FIRST ONE ON THE BED !! With the plastic cover still on ! :)

Oh yeah, the ROYALTY sleeps on the bed, while the commoner sleeps on the floor ......

I am going to upload MORE OF MY PRESENTS ... STAY TUNE YEAH?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

HIJACK !!!! `````


I am the gentle CKCS - Boy Boy. I am here to hijack Boo Boo's account while he is asleep !!!

I just wanted to hijack Boo Boo's account and tell you guys a secret. Remember Boo Boo said something about a rumour?


See this - YEs ! thats handsome me at the clear, clean beach ! ..... .... ....
Oh no !!!! I hear Boo Boo waking up ........ bye everyone .......... I will hijack his account again as soon as I can ...
*********run as fast as my short legs can********************

Monday, November 05, 2007

Rumours has it that ........ ...... ...

Rumours has it that Bond, Boy Boy, Gal Gal the CKCS and the humans when for a beach outing WITHOUT ME .......

Rumours has it that I was left HOME ALONE ........

Rumours has it that Bond, Boy Boy, Gal Gal the CKCS and the humans left in a big van ..... ....

Rumours has it that this is the evidence of Boy Boy and Gal Gal the CKCS, traveling in the big vanRumours has it that besides going to the beach, Bond, the CKCSs and humans also went to a holiday resort.

Rumours has it that this is evidence of the CKCSs waiting for food to fall from the fridge in the holiday resortI know all these are RUMOURS !!!!! My Beloved humans will never leave me HOME ALONE !!!! DONT BELIEVE A WORD OF THOSE RUMOURS !!!!

Bond : ***sigh**** old man never come to his senses ...... why cant he accept the fact that he was HOME ALONE

Boy Boy : Let him be ..... (**whisper** : Shall we show old man our BEACH PHOTO??)

Gal Gal the CKCS : I thought Boo Boo was FORGOTTEN, I didnt know you guys PURPOSELY left him HOME ALONE .....

Humans : ...... ......... no comments .........