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Sunday, May 28, 2006


Have I ever told you that we had a Symphony of our own? I mean our very own Symphony !! Isn't it wonderful to have one of your own?

Our symphony only performs at night and not during the day.

Performers include Boy boy Junior, Fat Fat and of cos myself, Boo Boo aka Puggy !! Entry to this symphony is only open to a few exclusive audience, and the catch is that the audience MUST sleep with us, the performers. Performance will normally start late into the night when we are deep asleep, and when we SNORE ....

This is a very special performance as I bet you have never heard a man and two dogs snoring .... and the best part is our snore compliment each other to form a very special symphony ....

Anyone interested?

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Snuffle's Birthday Party

I attended Snuffles birthday party last saturday. Its a beautiful party fill with dogs, food, fun and lots of play.

Birthday Boy - SNUFFLES

Strawberry Cake .... YUMMY YUMMY .... I had 2 pieces of this ... yummy

Food Food Food and MORE FOOD ... we had meat balls, cup cakes, yummy yummy

ME and my beauty sleep ....

I can sleep anywhere and every where

In Gal Gal's office carpeted floor

In Gal Gal's arms

on the floor, on Fat Fat's T-shirt

On a metal rack

On my SPECIAL grooming and sleeping bed

On Gal Gal's office cabinet

On Gal Gal's stomach

On a bench ...

My favourite hidding place

Did I tell you before that I love to sleep on cloth? And if I can't find any cloth around, I would open the cabinets and quietly "park" myself in the cabinets where they are cloth ....

Do you see me ??

Oppssss ..... you found me??

Night Night .... See you in dream land

So hot inside the cabinet ..... cool myself out here first ..



I simply hates it when people ignore me. I also hates people who pretends to be listening to me when they are actually not ....

Gal Gal is also the same, she always pretends to be paying attention to me when her eyes are fixed on the TV and I simply hates it, but dont worry, I got my ways to get back at her ..... hehehehhehehehe

I smart right ? hiak hiak hiak

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Grooming cum Sleeping cum Mopping Rack

Have I ever told you guys how thrify Fat Fat is? Well, let me explain.

See the rack in this pic? Ah Gal the CKCS is on the "ground floor" , thats me on the "2nd floor", and Boy Boy on the "3rd floor". You must be wonder what we are doing, well, this is a very special rack.

Fat Fat got this rack as our grooming cum sleeping cum mopping rack

1) As you can see, this rack is not very big, and the best "stunts" that we can do on the "3rd level" is probably to make one turn and THAT'S IT !!

So after our bath, Fat Fat will throw us on the "3rd level", dry us and on a super strong fan and we are suppose to wait till we are dry. This is also our grooming table where we have our ears and paws pad clean and errr .. some times hair cut.

2) This is also our sleeping area, I will normally sleep on the "ground floor" (.... errr ... I am too fat to jump onto the other floors ... so embarrasing). Boy Boy will normally sleep on the "2nd floor", Ah Gal the CKCS, being the kangaroo among us, will sleep on the "3rd floor". But Boy Boy normally sleeps on the floor as he prefers to sleep on the cold hard floor.

3) When Fat Fat mops the floor, we are also supposed to stay in the rack till the floor is dry. The one who gets out of the rack while the floor is still wet will normally have his bum "piak" .... hehehe ...

So, what do you think of our multi-purpose rack? Smart invention yeah?

Vesak Day

We were all supposed to go for some photography session at some reservoir on Vesak Day ...

And guess what?? EVERYONE OVERSLEPT??? ***faint***

this is so so so so unusual .... I mean how could EVERYONE OVERSLEPT? ... anyway ... there goes our holiday ... no photo taking ... no nothing on Vesak Day ...

***grumble grumble**

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

SAD ... SAD ... SAD ....

Show you guys some beautiful outdoor pics I took OF MYSELF :)

Can you see anything UNUSUAL about this pics ??

Oh Pls !!! I am not referring to my slightly erected xxx .... pls !!!!! Whats wrong with you ?????

Maybe I show you another pics, maybe you can see better

Now can see anything UNUSUAL OR NOT???

Huh ?? Still cannot ? ... Ok then , show you one last pics ..

Yeah !!! some of you got it already !!! :)

Yes, my right ear is "imcomplete". It was bitten off by a bull terrier.

What happen was that I was walking besides Fat Fat and a bull terrier was walking towards our direction. When we were very near each other, the bull terrier turned and bite my ears.

Its owner is a tiny skinny gal, who is smaller built than Gal Gal. For those of you who had met Gal Gal before, you would have known that she is very small built. Can you imagine a small built gal who cant even control an adult bull terrier, knowing how strong bull terrier can be.

Anyway, one third of my right ear were bitten off and well .... what you see is what left now :P

Anyway, I still look cute, loveable, huggable and charming right ??? :)

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Senior Citizen Club

Seriously, I hate the word "Senior Citizen". People normally see senior citizens as, slow, nagging, forgetful, etc etc etc etc ....

There is absolutely no truth whatsoever of the general perception of senior citizens as above.

Senior citizens can also be cute, loveable, fun loving, run fast, eat fast .... just like me, and we can do most things that younger dogs can do. Just because we are more laid back doesnt mean that we are lazy! I mean, come on, we have been here for so long, whats so fun about what the kids are doing now? We have been there, done that, so obviously, it doesnt interest us any more !! see ???

You dont believe me? Give me food and I can run one miles to you within 15 seconds !

I think with the few friends I have now, we can easily form a senior citizens club.

  • Jay - 15 yr old Australian Silky Terrier

  • Jay's playmate : Coco (13 yr old Silky), Whisky (10 yr old Pap) and Brandy (9 yr old Sheltie)

  • Huskii

  • And also Boy Boy a 6 year old CKCS ...

    ummmhhh .... I think we have enough people to form a club now .... who else want to join??

    Monday, May 08, 2006

    Funny expression

    I just came back from the photoshop and was SUPER MEGA DUPER SHOCKED when I see some of the pics .... I didnt even know when those photo are taken ....

    Anyway, I had some funny expressions .....

    Err .... I think this is an "angry" expression ... Fat Fat noticed that I always bite my lips when I am angry .... err ... is it so ??? I never noticed it before .... *scratch head***

    Someone said that I look like Stitch in "Lilo & Stitch" ... Do I?

    Flabbing ears ??

    Small head Big Body?

    Jumping for JOY ???? .....

    Now I feel so stupid .... you guys must be feeling that I am a wierd dog with wierd expression

    The day I fought with GR

    I am normally a very laid back, quiet and lazy fellow. And for the record, I have never never in my life fought with any dogs, human, plant or insect before .... well, except with my siblings when they try to eat my food.

    But MY RULE is this, as long as you do not snatch my food, I will not fight.

    However, the above rules does not apply to a GR which for some unknown reasons, does not likes me and who keeps provoking me.

    One day, Fat Fat bought me to a pet shop as he was helping his friend to do some grooming.

    As usual, I was lazing around, minding my own business while waiting for Fat Fat. In fact, I fall alseep :P ... Then, a GR came into the shop. Well, he just couldnt leave me alone the moment he came in, he kept nosing me, pawing me, as if I was a toy rag or something.

    I decided to go under the counter to continue my beauty sleep and also partly to avoid the GR. But he kept following me and disturbing my beauty sleep. Naturally, I wasnt too pleased with him. NOBODY in this world, not even my siblings dare to paw me !! and he did that countless time ...

    I went to Fat Fat for help inside the grooming room. Fat Fat close the glass door once I was inside and within seconds, the GR turn to bite me, and please !!! for goodness sake !!! NO ONE DOES THAT TO BOO BOO !! And I turn and bite him too ...

    So what happen was, the GR and me were biting each other .... THROUGH THE GLASS DOOR ... duh .... duhzzz ... I know I know

    anyway, I won as I didnt surfer any injuries, but the GR was bleeding at his gum ... hehehheheh ....

    BOTTOMLINE .... I WON .... hahahah .... a pug fought with a GR and WON ... yipeee !!

    Post elections

    Remember the talking lorries which comes to my place and keep saying "VOTE FOR ME ! VOTE FOR ME" or something like that ?

    Well, for once on saturday, I didnt get to see them as I heard its election day or something, whatever that means, I cant be bother anyway ...

    But today ..... they are back again .... arggggggg ..... but the differences is, instead of "VOTE FOR ME" .. they now say "THANK YOU" ... and instead of the normal lorries, they now comes in "topless" double decker buses which looks like this

    what else can I say? I wonder what they are coming in tomorrow? errr ... Maybe the Ducky tour boat or something along that line?

    OLD friends

    I got to know an "old" friend, a 15 year old Australian Silky Terrier, Jay, by chance.

    Well, honestly, you do not normally get to know or meet dogs of our age that often you know ? So I was actually very happy that I got to know someone of my age, I do hope to meet up with Jay one day.

    Nice knowing you JAY ... :)

    Wednesday, May 03, 2006


    Well, I hope by now, every one, dogs and human alike knows that Singapore's 2006 Election is around the corner.

    Everyday, without fail, there will be someone on a lorry (I can see from the window and door) who broadcast, something like "Vote for me ... Vote for me" .... I cant make out the rest that they are saying, cos most of them are in Chinese dialects (Fat Fat only taught me PURE ENGLISH, and nothing else)

    How I wish they will stop disturbing me cos most of the time when they come in their lorry, no one is at home !!! Why cant they just keep quiet or throw some food at me ... I seriously wouldnt mind that ....

    Luckily, Fat Fat says that the "talking lorry" is not going to appear next week ... so I just have to bear with it ....

    Doevy and Loevy

    errr ... no no no ... Im not in love YET ... at least not for now .. not that I do not want to fall in love ... but I just have not found that right one yet ..... and who says old man dont yearn for love .... RUBBISH !!!

    anyway, Doevy and Loevy are too very special dogs. So special, that some calls them Singapore Special. And yes, they are SPECIAL like me too !!

    This is Loevy

    Well, as you can see, Loevy is now staying in a shelter and she is all caged up now .. so poor thing. Although I am also caged up in the house most of the time, but at least my house is bigger and I can run around ...

    Loevy is a female (potential gf , hiak hiak hiak ) but she is not interested in a shorty like me .... and like me she loves WALKS !!! WALKS !!! WALKS !!!! and loves human companion.

    Loevy is now very super duper lonely staying in the shelter and her greatest wish is that someone can bring her home one day ....

    and this is Daevy

    Both Loevy and Daevy are so much alike, they both stay in a shelter, they both love walks and human companion.

    How I wish they can go to a good home soon, how I wish there are more Fat Fat around to help animals like us.

    If you know of anyone who can bring Loevy and Doevy home, please drop me a mail ok? Else you can call Loevy's and Daevy's agent at 9761 5787 also.

    I shall start praying tonight .... PRAY PRAY PRAY PRAY ... pray for all the homeless dog to find a good home like me ....

    Fans Mail

    I had been getting quite a few mails from fans recently, and some of them are very nice asking me lots of questions ... THANK YOU EVERY ONE .... I LOVE MY FANS

    I will try to answer all your questions, if you do not get a reply from me here, stay tuned to my blog yeah, you will definitely get your answers in one of my blog :)