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Monday, March 24, 2008

Visit to the Vet

My last visit to the vet was in June 2006 and I have not gone to the vet since then, until last saturday .......

Well, I have this nasty looking lumpy lump on me for three weeks.

And as it has been growing by the days, Gal Gal thought it will be good to pay a visit to the vet.

This is how big (small to me) the nasty lumpy lump is on my body, can you spot it ?

As usual, I dont normally like the vet, well, except today, I will tell you why later. So, this is what I did to stale for some time to the vet.

I tried to block the driver's view before the driver can move out of the parking lot... .... But I block the wrong view !!!! I should have block the front view of the driver, not the side !!!! ARGGGGGGGHHHHHHH

Next, I sit on the road directory, hoping that the driver will not be able to find the way to the vet. .... ... but but but .... the driver knew his way !!!!! ***bite pawsss***

While waiting for my appointment, I had a chat with the other dogs around

Me : Hey handsome ! Have you been waiting for long ? I can let you go in first, I am not rushing for time. You go first ok ?
Mr Handsome : Thanks bro, but I had just seen the vet.
Me : ..... ...... ...... ..... damn !!!!! .........


Anyway, the vet said that the nasty lumpy lump is not as nasty as the paranoid Gal Gal imagine it to be. And it does not seems cancerous. According to the vet, this nasty lumpy lumpy is on the skin layer, which means it is not from the body, which means it is unlikely to be cancerous ...... and the vet told Gal Gal this "If I am you, I will be tempted to wait for it to subside, which it will" ... .... ..

Phew ..... See !!!! I told her !!! I dont have to come to the vet at all !!! ***grumble grumble****

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Angel vs Devil

You see, a few (not that many, only a few) DWB friends have commented that I look fierce and evil.

Well, I just want to put on record that this is totally rubbish, I am not evil !!

This is how an evil dog looks like, with evil eyes, wait, thats 2 evil dogs

How this is how an angelic, handsome, clever, smart dog looks like

I know, I know, you guys agree right ? Yeah, I cant deny this internationally known fact too ***smile***

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Roo tail and me

Remember my brother, Bond, with his roo tail?

Well, I have my fair share of roo tail too :)

Hmmmm ..... doubt you can see the roo tail properly here.

Oppppsss .... sorry about this, you must turn your head abit. Oh Yeah, thats the roo tail you are looking at, with the pointed bones, and I bet this is the first time you see me licking anything right?

Oh yes, when I am eating, DO NOT DISTURB ME! When you touch my head, I will think that you are trying to get my food, and I SNAP !!! So, TOUCH AT YOUR OWN RISK !!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Noodles and me, me and Noodles

There is a direct link between noodles and me, or rather, me and noodles. Or rather, food and me, or rather, me and food.

Noodles (or food) and me cannot co-exist, its either me or them.

So, I choose to eat them. We are in a world of the fittest survive .... hahahahahah

And as usual, I make sure they dont survive for long !!