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Monday, July 30, 2007

Bollywood Boo

Bella had started a Bollywood Boo contest. And we had missed the deadline !!! ***sigh*** what a waste, anyway, this is my masterpiece of Bollywood Boo.

What do you guys think?

Thursday, July 26, 2007

I made Gal Gal Super Duper Angry

Guess what doggies and GG ?

My big giant friend, Rossi, think I ROCK and has awarded me with this?

Cool isnt it ? Thanks ROSSI ! YOU ROCK TOO !!

OK, the main thing today.

Guys ! I think I am in big biG BIG trouble this time .... NO, not I think, I am positive I am in trouble, BIG TROUBLE this time.

See, I sleeps on the floor, in my own bed, every night. And the humans sleep on a King Size bed. So one fine night, I dont know what happen to the human, but it ended up that one of their bolsters came flying down from the bed and ended very near me.

So I thought that the humans are so kind that they are giving me the bolsters.

Now tell me, doggies ! What do you do when you want to claim a stake on an item? You MARKED IT right?

So thats what exactly I did ! I peed on it ! MARKING it as MINE !! And Boy ! its a BIG PEE !!

But the humans are not exactly happy ...... ....... And they THREW AWAY MY bolsters ..... ...

Whats wrong with them?

The pee stained bolsters .....

Monday, July 23, 2007

Pearly White Teeth

My bestest and shortest friend, Boo, nominated me for the ROCKING GUY BLOGGER award. WOW ! How cool can that be? Thanks Boo ! You ROCK too !

Remember my Hot Date with Snowball?

Well, we did many things during our date, which I shall not bored you with the details. Among the many things that we did, Snowball was also "admiring" my mouth and teeth. And I shall not say what we were doing to lead Snowball to do that. You can imagine, but I am not saying :)

Anyway, Snowball is so fascinated with my Pearly White teeth for someone of my age (I think I am 16 by the way). I only have one secret recipe to that : FOOD ! Specifically BONES ........ YUMMY BONES

Well you see, bones, besides being a GREAT FOOD, also helps to clean our teeth and gums when we chew chew chew .... .... .... and BONES gets rid of Tartar on our teeth, thus removing bad breath too ...... And yes, my mouth smells good all the time.

This is the Pearly White Teeth that got Snowball so fascinated about
And I still have the FULL SET of my teeth. The gaps that you see above is just the spacing of my teeth :) Cool Yeah?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

First family photo

Oh man !!! I am so very excited now!!!

This is the first time that I got a family photo to show, with EVERYONE in it ...

Hey Bond !! LOOK AT THE CAMERA !!!!!
Sorry, please excuse that brother of mine .....

Here's a better one. From left to right to bottom: Girl Girl the CKCS, yours truly, Boy Boy , and Bond

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Great news about Kitty

I have GREAT NEWS about the kitty !!!

Headline 1 : Kitty is safe from the Evil Hands !!
Over here in Singapore, strays cats and dogs are normally rounded up and impounded by the Agri-Food & Veterinay Authority of Singapore (AVA) or what I call the "Evil Hands". It is common knowledge that the "Evil Hands" put these strays to sleep within days if they have no collars or microchipped on them (ie, no way of identifying the owners) . This is so as Singapore is a tiny little island with no extra space to place all these strays. So the "Evil Hands" will send them over to Rainbow Bridge.

And the SPCA is not helping either with a statement they issued in June 2007 that animals surrendered to them, with no clear owners may be put to sleep within 24 hours due to a shortage of space .... WHAT IS THIS ???????

Anyway, the GOOD NEWS is Kitty is safe from the evil hands.

There is this agreement with AVA that sterilised cats are spared the "Evil Hands". And sterilised cats are "marked" by a snipped left ear. The rationale is that sterilised cats are unable to reproduced and thus will not "dirty" the environment ? (someone please explain to me, I dont quite get this)

This is the "full" right ear
This is the snipped left ear. The vet will cut away part of the ear after they have sterilised the cat. And the "Evil Hands" are not allowed to round up and put to sleep cats with snipped left ear. Oh poor kitty, 3-legged and with an incomplete left ear.

This is now both the ears look like. See the difference?

Oh Whatever !!!! As long as the kitty is saved from the "Evil Hands". Cute sleepy kitty.

Headline 2 : Kitty has many feeders !!

Gal Gal has found out that kitty actually has at least 4 feeders, including Gal Gal .... That means on certain days, Kitty gets 4 MEALS !!! That is so so so so so so so much better than me !!! I only get one MEAL per day !!!

Oh ! That lucky Kitty !!!!

Can I be a stray ?????

Friday, July 13, 2007

Update on kitty

Remember the 3-legged kitty who ate ALL MY DINNER?

Well, Gal Gal finally realised that she can't keep feeding OUR DINNER (especially mine) to the Kitty.

So off she went to the pet shop to buy some dry food for Kitty. However, she was overwhelmed by the different brands that she see in the pet shop and didnt know what to get for Kitty. In the end, she has to call Uncle Chris for his professional opinion. Smart move I say!

So, Gal Gal has finally "adopted" Kitty, except that Kitty is not staying with us at home, she will still be out roaming in the estate, except that Gal Gal will make sure that Kitty is comfortably fed. Errrrr .... ..... ... Have any one of you heard of this type of "adoption"? WHAT IS THIS ???? ..... *sigh***

Well, so officially, I have a 3-legged Kitty as my brother, except that Kitty is not staying with us? Am I confusing you?

My only complain now is that I have to share my daily walking routine looking in the estate for Kitty. And not only that, Gal Gal will spend some time feeding and playing with Kitty and I AM NOT HAPPY !!!! ALL THESE ARE EATING INTO MY ALONE TIME WITH GAL GAL !!!

So effectively, I am spending lesser time with Gal Gal alone ... *** sob sob sob***

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

3 Legged Kitty

I have been seeing this new kitty in my estate for the past weeks, and everytime I see him, he is always in a down position and I never take a second look at him.

However, today when this kitty saw me, he tries to moves towards me .... and thats when I noticed that this kitty is 3 legged !!!!

Gal Gal thought that kitty was hungry and went home to bring OUR DINNER (YES, MY DINNER TOO !!) and gave ALL to kitty. Now, not that I mind sharing MY dinner with a homeless, 3 legged kitty. But surely, Gal Gal should know that the kitty cannot finish ALL OUR DINNER all by himself ??? What is she thinking about !!!!??? I doubt she was even thinking then .... **sigh***

Look at the huge mountain of food here


Kitty eating MY DINNER

The leftover of MY DINNER :( :( .... What a waste

Anyone wants to give this kitty a home?

Monday, July 09, 2007

Pretty Simba

Wohooooo ..... this is my MASTERPIECE for "Pretty Simba" contest.

Paws cross I win :)

Sunday, July 08, 2007

A HOT Date :)

Yohooooooooo .... Guess What doggies? I had a HOT DATE over the weekend !!

Oh Wait, Baby, please dont be upset yet, I still love you very much, you are still the first love of my life. I am just trying to get back at you for going on a date with Huskee Boy the other day :P

And after your date with Huskee Boy, we are still very much in love right? Yeah, its very much the same case here :)

I had a HOT DATE with Snowball. Wow !!! Snowball is a very cool and pretty babe, it was so nice of her to also give me some homemade cookies and the cookies are YUMMYLICIOUS

Look how happy we are here.

Shy snowball

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Caught in the act

No No No No No .....

That doggie is NOT ME .....

Its just someone who looks like me from behind, such a rude doggie to poo right at the camera .... tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk ....

Wonder who this rude fellow is.

DISCLAIMER : I AM TELLING YOU AGAIN .... ITS NOT ME ..... you must believe me, I am not a rude boy

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Is beancurd good?

Fat Fat bought some unsweeteen beancurd for us the other day. Its made from soya beans and is soft and taste YUMMYLICIOUS !!!

However, Gal Gal is very apprehensive about giving us beancurd, do you doggies know if beancurd are good for us? Gal Gal says that some beans caused us to FART but I thought humans FART too ????

Hmmmmm ..... I think Gal Gal is simply jealous that Fat Fat bought the beancurd for us and not for her .... hummmfffff .....

Is beancurd good for us?

This is my beancurd .... BURPPPPPPP