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I am a pug who loves FOOD, FOOD, FOOD, FOOD and more FOOD :) Nothing gets me more excited than FOOD, when I am not eating, you will find me resting ....

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy Lunar New Year !!!!

Today is the first day of the Lunar New Year, also known as the Lunar Chinese New Year.

Happy Lunar New Year to everyone, DOGGIES and your HUMAN included !!!

Since I am a FOOD EXPERT, I shall introduce all the new year goodies to all my DOGGIES friends :)

First we have the Mandarin Oranges. This looks like an orange but is not exactly an orange. In Cantonese (a chinese dialet), it is call "Kam", which means Gold. So Kam is actually something very auspicious and is a MUST HAVE during chinese new year. And Yeah !! It does taste good !! You bet !!

And we have steamboat. In the olden days in China, families like to gather around steamboat during Chinese new year eve as the weather is cold. I like steamboat ! I see fish, meat, beef, lamp, meatball, fishball, vegetable, prawns .... EVERYTHING !! EVERYTHING that I can eat .... Yummy yummy

Oh Yes !!! And the most important thing is red packets !! Inside the red packet are money money money money which I can buy more food and treats and treats and food and food ........


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy VALENTINE'S Day !!!

Happy Valentines DAy to EVERYONE !!!!!!!

Especially to my FIRST LOVE, Baby. Can you believe it? Baby is my FIRST LOVE after so many years. I am ashamed to say that, I have only one love till date, and Baby has got 6 LOVE at last count ......

BABY ! Happy Valentines Day to you !! And please accept this flower that I managed to steal from Gal Gal :P

Friday, February 09, 2007

Sleepless night again ......

Life has not been good for me recently .... I have been having sleepless nights.

You see, I have always been a very good and nice boy, I will make sure that everyone at home is safe and sound before I hit the sacks every night ..... And for a few days and nights last week, I DIDNT SEE Fat Fat !!!!!! ..... And I wonder, besides Bond, does anyone else in the house notice that Fat Fat is missing ...... I dont think they did ..... All of them are behaving like nothing unusual has happened.

Anyway, for a few nights last week, I kept wondering where has Fat Fat gone to, and I woke up in the middle of the night. errrrrr ....... yeah, at about 3am and bark at the bed, I just want to check if Fat Fat is sleeping on the bed ....... (you see, I am too old, fat and short to climb onto the bed) ....... But Fat Fat is never there ...... I only see Gal Gal ......

Where has my Fat Fat gone to?

Sorry Gal Gal, I disturbed your sleep ........

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Im super troublesome :(

I have a fetish, and that is when I sleep, I need to sleep on cloth, any cloth will do.

Last night, as usual, Gal Gal gave me a very huge towel for me to sleep on. But some how, I dont know what happened, but I peed on the towel !!!!!!!!!!!! *****sigh***** Whats wrong with me?

And being a very clean dog, I dont exactly like to sleep on a pee stained towel. So what did I do? I wake Gal Gal up. It doesnt help that it was 3am in the morning, and being a sleepy head that she is, she thought that I was being notty and needed a hug or pat on the head, and she went back to sleep.

I woke her up again and again and again, until the 5th time that I think she is finally angry with me and scolded me. It was only on the 5th time that she woke up that she realised I refused to sleep on the towel, she investigated and found out the reason why.

But, again, being a lazy and sleepy bum, she refused to get out of the room to get me a new towel, she gave me her worn clothing and towel to sleep on. BUT I DONT WANT TO SLEEP ON THOSE !!!! I WANT MY TOWEL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And guess what? YES ! I woke Gal Gal up for the 6th time ............................... Yawn ...... its time to hit the sack now that I got what I want ................... Gd nite