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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

DWB SingapawPawty - Part 5

Ok OK Ok .... I know that everyone is over and done with the National Day Pawty. And here I am still harping on it ...... I know its long overdue...... but but but but but ...... can you just give old man me a chance to continue to blog about the pawty? I ... I ... I .. I just have too much to say about the pawty, I LOVE PAWTY ....

Yeah, guess what? I got this very nice bandana from the pawty. And blue is MY FAVOURITE COLOR !!! Dont you think its cool ?

I like this see-through gift wrapping !!! Its so nice !!

This cool bandanna also comes with a tag where we can write our names !! so nice !!

Don't you think it simply looks so wonderful on me ??

Wait a minute, what do you mean it doesnt fits me ? WHAT ??? What do you mean I have a THICK NECK? HOW CAN IT BE ??? **grumble mumble mutters*******

But but but but but .... but its only about 3 to 4 inch short !!!

I don't care ! I am keeping this bandanna, I must find some use of it !! Wohoooooo .... how bout using it to pawtect my PRECIOUS JEWELS? ***beams****

By the way, does any of you doggies or GG knows anyway I can un-thicken my neck? or how bout lengthening the bandanna? I really love it very much you see.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Favourite past times

Look people, this is what I do BESTEST on a lazy sunny sunday afternoon

Can anyone guess What was i doing?

heheheheheh .... I love to find a spot in the house with sun light and sun tan !!!

Sun tanning is good for the skin you know ?

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Royal Tail Tales - Part 2

Notice : This is a continuation from Chiyo about a ROYAL TALE, so make sure you got the first part of the story from Chiyo before continuing to read :)

........ so the story continues ..........

Having successfully infiltrate into the Princess gang, Boo and Simba were wondering why there were there ONLY
3 princess and 6 princes. And they realised that not EVERYONE comes from ROYAL FAMILIES.

Wow ! We are the ROYAL ones. So Boo and Simba went around asking everyone "ARE YOU JEALOUS ?"

Boo and Simba found out that the "secrets" to keeping the princess happy are

1) Keep themselves BEAUTIFUL


3) And, last but not the least, have a HAPPY ROYAL FAMILY
......... to be continued by Boo ........

Monday, August 20, 2007

DWB Singapaw Pawty - Part 4

Knowing that I am a well LOVED pug, I really can't help it when my "fans" mob me with hugs ..... and kisses ..... and sniffing .... and and and ..... I can't imagine what else

(The following wordings are invisible to this fan of mine - Boy. "Oh help ! Somebody help me ! I am trying desperately to run away, but he still got me anyway ...... HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP")

Thursday, August 16, 2007

DWB Singapaw Pawty - Part 3

I think someone is in love with me.

I think someone is stalking me.

I think someone can't take his nose off me.

YES ! Now you know I am so Charming and full of appeal yeah ? But ...... I am no gay .....

Can you guess who loves me this much?

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

DWB Singapaw Pawty - Part 2

Oh yes, did you doggies know that we had a mystery guest at our DWB Singapaw Pawty?

I am not supposed to let too many people know about this mystery guest, cos we "kidnapped" him from his mum but he was back home before anyone found out ..... shhhhhhhhhhhhh

Ben Ben wanted to join this pawty very much, so Girl Girl the hamster and myself came up with a plan to "kidnapped" Ben Ben when his mum was at work.

So, I was in charged of driving and "kidnapping" Ben Ben, while Girl Girl is in charge of giving the directions .......
GG : BooBoo , left turn at the lights, right at the building ..... go straight all the way .... a left left right right straight in front please .....

BooBoo : You can confusing me and giving me more winkles !!!

Anyway ...... we made it to the pawty with Ben Ben and he was sitting quitely with us ..... not making any noise ......

Ben Ben had a GREAT TIME !!

Monday, August 13, 2007

DWB SingaPaw Party - Part 1

WARNING : THIS POST CONTAINS PICS WHICH MAY ALSO UPSET YOUR STOMACH. Do not read if you just had your meals, is going to have your meals, is feeling unwell. In short, read and see at your own risk.

I invited Girl Girl the CKCS to attend the DWB SingaPaw Party last week and we had lots of fun there, we played with the nice doggies there and there was also a bark day cake to celebrate Boy's and Huskee's bark day. More of the DWB SingaPaw Party later.

So, off we went to the party, Girl Girl the CKCS gets to roam the place free as she had always been a very obedient girl and is never known to run off, in fact she is a scary cat, she dares not run away too far from us. And me? I stayed with Gal Gal the whole time of the pawty, errr ..... errrr .... as I am a naughty boy and I LOVES to mark. If Gal Gal lets me have a free roam of the place, chances are, she have to run after me with a mop, cleaning the whole place as I am full of "water" and I can release quite a lot :P

Anyway, guess what? The humans didnt notice that Girl Girl the CKCS went around begging for food and the people at the cafe kept feeding her ...... and it was later that the humans realised that Girl Girl the CKCS had tonnes of liver treats.

And the next day, Girl Girl the CKCS end up with a stomach upset and which resulted in this

This is only part of her "output" and the humans are not exactly happy about it .......

Now you see, we always have this mindset that before you feed other people's dog any food, it is basic courtesy to check with the owner. Some dogs are known to be allergy to certain food and some are know to have health problems and we don't want to end up feeding other people's dogs things that they shouldn't eat in the first place. And when the owner say enough, that means enough, you do not carry on feeding and feeding and feeding.

Just like the other day, the human is not very happy when someone kept feeding me ice cream and when the human told that person that "Its too much, Boo Boo shouldn't be eating too much" but the person still said "Never mind, once a while is fine" ..... hmmmmmm .......

Also, liver when taken in large amount can becomes toxic to dogs.

It is not surprising that some dogs came down ill / uncomfortable after the pawty. And according to what I know, 2 dogs including Girl Girl the CKCS went home with stomach upset. 1 dog who is recuperating from kidney failure had a relapse after the pawty.

However, to be fair, I think the owners (ie Gal Gal) is partly to be blamed for this, as she did not see what Girl Girl the CKCS was doing. But I hope that people will check with the owners before they feed other peoples dog in future.

Hmmmmmmm ...... Should I be wearing a tag which says "Please check with my human before you feed me." next time I go out?

Monday, August 06, 2007

What happens after swimming

This is what happens for the next 24 hours after a swimming session.

I basically SLEEP and SNORE, and SLEEP and SNORE, and SLEEP and SNORE .........