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I am a pug who loves FOOD, FOOD, FOOD, FOOD and more FOOD :) Nothing gets me more excited than FOOD, when I am not eating, you will find me resting ....

Sunday, March 26, 2006

How I got my name

Did I tell you that my favourite hobbies are eating and sleeping ??

Well, there is a direct relation between my hobbies and my name.

One day, Fat Fat is still wondering what to name me. And Fat Fat being a very irritating man, says that he must name me with a name starting with the letter "B" and it must be 2 syallbus (whatever that means), just like all his other dogs, Benji Boy Boy, etc. And me, being an impatient puppy, waited and waited and waited and waited .... until I really couldnt wait any more. I mean, WHAT'S SO DIFFICULT ABOUT NAMEING ME ???? I don't really care what you name me as long as you give me food every day !!!! I really don't understand why he must take so long to give me a name....

Anyway, I doze off into dreamland while waiting for Fat Fat to name me. And when i sleep, I love to snore, I also love to breath through my mouth, so when I sleep, its not difficult to see that my lips will move when I sleep making those, "booooo boooo boooo" sound. Suddenly, Fat Fat look at me sleeping and screamed, "BOO BOO !! BOO BOO !! BOO BOO!! Your name is BOO BOO"

Well, this is how I got my name. Lame right? ...... anyway, call me whatever you want .....

Saturday, March 25, 2006

How I came into this world

Acutally, I can't remember what actually happen on that fateful day, this just happen too many many years ago. But i will just try to recall.

"The outside world is simply too attractive for me. I mean, you don't see cars driving by you in the house every now and then do you? You also dont see pieces of drumsticks bones on the floor (in the coffee shop) do you? All these good things just doesn't happen in my house !!! so i decided to RUN AWAY FROM HOME .............

........ It was a hot afternoon, the sun is so hot, and my paws felt like they were burning, I am so thirsty and hungry, and I am begining to feel very sick, very very very sick .....

Oh !! theres a huge shelter in front !! A shelter from the sun !!! I shall go rest there first, rest already, then go find food later. Ah ....... This shelter is HEAVENLY ...... away from the evil sun !!

"Hey doggy !!! come !! come !! good boy !! come here ..... "

Who's talking to me ? "Wooof, wooooof , woof woof" (Hey, you talking to me?)

Who's this stupid huge gigantic man talking to me?? I don't know him !! Why should I go to him? Why can't he come to me instead? Why ask me to go over, you go away you stupid fellow !! and stop disturbing my sleep !!!

Gigantic man says," You are hiding under a lorry!!! How do you expect me to go to you?? you duh!!"

.......... this you come, I come thingy goes on for the next 3 and a half hour .......

I finally rested enough, I could have rest more, if not for this persistent irritating man who keeps talking to me, asking me to go over. **YAWN*** ..... ok lar, just walk over to this stupid irritating man, see what he wants.

I followed the man home and boy !!! I finally had my drink and food !!! .... Hey !! This man is good after all, i finished 2 bowls of water ALL BY MYSELF and i even had some food to eat !!

This man, although irritating at times, is a good man !! His name is "Fat Fat" :) And I shall follow him from now on

About ME :)

Hey there guys !! :)

Thanks for visiting my NEW BLOG :)) .... Now, let me do a little self-introduction, so that you can know a little about me, just a little will do, not too much ....

My name is Boo Boo, I am a 14 year old (I think) Pug. Sometimes, some people call me "puggy" or "old man". I don't really care about what they call me, as long as they give me food :)

Now, in case you do not know, 14 years old in a doggy's world like mine is SUPER DUPER GOOPER old, its like .... let's see ..... 14 x 7 = ........ 98 years old @_@ in a human world !!!! So i can safely say that I am much more elderly than most, if not all of you guys here!!! .... so be respectful, yeah !!

Oh yes, you can't really expect too much from an old man like me, and this is the first time that an old man like me is learning how to blog so please give me a while to learn how to manourver around and come visit me often yeah?