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Monday, October 29, 2007

dinner WITHOUT me AGAIN !!

Look what I managed to dig out this time ?

Mud Pies !!! No Prize for guessing who's that in the pics. Did you see how BIG and HUGE is the mud pie ?It says Hard Rock Cafe. And this brownie is so HUGE !! Oh ! How I wish I can get my paws on it !!

This is what I found next, I need all the clever and smart and sharp doggies and hammies to help me guess WHO have gal gal gone out with.

This are evidence of all the mobile phones who went to Hard Rock Cafe with Gal Gal.

The first person who can tell me CORRECTLY to whom the above mobile phones belongs to will get a prize from Gal Gal and her friends.

Remember to label your answer from Top Row, Left to Right and Bottom row Left to Right ok ?

HINT : you can go around visiting blogs and those ppl who went to Hard Rock Cafe with Gal Gal should have left some hints on their blogs ..... next you just link that person to the phone

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Hey people !!! Let me show you something very nice and cool ! Look at this !!!

And this is a close up !!!

Gal Gal bought this from an online sales !! And its so nice !!! I want to hang it up AT MY DOOR ! to welcome all my guests !!! WELCOME TO BOO BOO's HOUSE !!!

And guess what ? These same people are having a jumbo sales THIS SUNDAY and the proceeds from the sales goes to Animal Lovers League, a animal shelter in Singapore !!! Here's some details that I got.

To help raise funds for Animals Lovers League (ALL), we will be having a flea mart on -

Date : 28 October 2007 (Sunday)
Time : 10am - 7pm
Venue : U Petgamart Pte Ltd
11 Pasir Ris Farmway 1
Blk A, Aqua Fauna Centre
Singapore 519355
Telephone : 6583 7858

All proceeds from this sale will go towards buying rice, a staple food, for the residents of ALL.

Items on sale will include dog related items such as shampoos and toys, as well as non-dog gift items like soft toys, tealight holders, handcrafted jewellery and handicraft items. Cookies and muffins for dogs will also be sold as well as books, comics, DVDs, CDs, shampoos, bath gel etc etc.

All items are brand new or as good as new.

Please do come with your family, friends and pets to support this fund-raising effort organised by the Bank of Rice for ALL Fund team.

The team is running a long term auction at http://bra.pawzcafe.com for subsequent sales and is always open to donations of items. New items will be uploaded on a weekly basis, and surprises lie in wait each week.

Come visit us at http://bra.pawzcafe.com ! We promise you will not be disappointed!

There are plenty of great deals in store for everyone!

To know more about ALL and how you can help, please visit www.animalloversleague.com

Thursday, October 18, 2007

My "new" bed

Hey Guys !

Remember my bed was hijacked by my siblings ?

Guess What ? I found myself a NEW & BIGGER BED !!!

Well, its not exactly "new" as in new ...... and its not actually "my" bed ....... but who cares as long as I get to sleep on it every night?

My siblings can have that tiny rattan bed for all I care, for now ................

My "new" bed is so much bigger now :)

Monday, October 15, 2007

Bye forever Tommy

Remember I used to have a fan, Tommy ?

Gal Gal just have news for me that Tommy is gone FOREVER !!! Hmmmmmmm .... not sure where Tommy is now, not sure what "gone FOREVER" means ......... but whatever, I wish him luck in whatever he does.

Well this is just how fragile fan-ship can be. One moment its here, one moment its gone :( Well, just 2 weeks ago, I was still asking whether he will be here for me FOREVER, he said yes and now he's gone.

Bye Tommy.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


I used to have my own personal rattan bed ..... YES !!! You read correctly : USED TO !!!

I used to be able to do somersault in my bed

Until Boy Boy the CKCS who decides to SHARE my bed ....... Being the kind hearted gentleman, I thought why not ? I didnt actually mind even though its a bit more squeezy.

However, I didnt know that there is actually a conspiracy between Boy Boy and Girl Girl the CKCS to take over my bed.

And even Bond wants my bed as well !!!!!

WHATS WRONG WITH ALL OF THEM !!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????

I cant let them take MY BED !!! I WANT my bed back !!!

This is LOANSHARK BOO BOO !!! Give me Back my Bed ..... or elseeeeeeeeeeeeee ........

Wait ...... for those who are not familiar with the term "loansharks", they are people who lend money illegally to individuals at HIGH INTEREST RATES and if you do not repay the money, they are known to write your name BIG BIG in your neighbourhood, so that they can embarrassed you. Like this :

"Boo the Casanova!
Owe $$$ Pay $$$
Boo's Address : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Boo's Telephone number : 012 1234567890

And you can rest assured that with this you will be famous overnight in your neighbourhood.

If the above dont work, they will padlocked your gate so that you cant get out of the house. And if this still dont work, they will splash paint on your doors and walls. In short, they will do all kinds of funny things, TILL YOU PAY !!!

This is how a "loanshark" looks like, so doggies and GG, dont ever offend them !!! Give way to them if you ever see them !!!
Oh yes ! Back to my rattan bed !!!! Yes !!! I must do something to get this back !!!


Give me back my bed !!!! or else, you are gonna get it from me !!! BOO BOO the LOANSHARK !!!

(photo courtesy of my biggest fan : Tommy)

Friday, October 05, 2007

Good Bye Herbie

Herbie has gone over the rainbow bridge :(

Herbie is one of the main reason which started me blogging. I always like Herbie's blog, he is such a fun dog ! And I remember his love for food.

I am glad that Herbie is no longer suffering, no longer in pain.

You will always be remembered Herbie.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Crisis !!! RED ALRET !!! RED ALERT !!!

We have a little crisis at home, after much discussion with all the boys in the house, we have come to a conclusion that someone has cast a spell on all the boys in the house to be naughty !!!

Bond has got all the evidence here.

Can some dogs or GG teach us how to remove the spell / curse ? We want to be good boys ! We dont want to be naughty boys !!!


any remedies please ?

Monday, October 01, 2007

I am a notty notty notty boy !!

Gal Gal said I am a notty little old boy. But I dont actually think so .....

You see, I have not been eating my food for 3 days last week.

Day 1
I ate at most 4 mouthful of my food, and went to bed straight after ....... I didnt touch my food in the morning too .......

Gal Gal starts to get worried and showers me with lots and lots and lots and lots of attention, thinking I am sick.

Day 2
I ate about 3 mouthful of my food, and went to bed straight after. Gal Gal and Fat Fat got worried and started to hand fed me ...... I finish 1/2 of my food before they both got tired and stopped feeding me.

Again, I got lots and lots and lots and lots of attention from Gal Gal and Fat Fat as they thought I am sick.

until, the fateful thingssssss happen ..........................................

The next morning, I saw Boy Boy the CKCS stealing my leftover food and I RAN TO HIM FROM FAR FAR FAR FAR AWAY and fought with him ....... and I finished my food.

Day 3
I ate about half my food and went to bed, when Bond came near my food, I growled at him. Not long after, I ate ALL OF BOND'S food while he was out for his toilet break ......... and in the middle of the night, I finished ALL MY FOOD .......

Oh Damn!!!! I gave the game away, I thought I could get more attention from not eating my food, but but but but but but ....... sigh !!! ALL Boy Boy's and Bond's fault !!!!

Now I dont get as much attention as I had wanted to .............

And Gal Gal and Fat Fat are calling me notty boy notty notty boy .... :(

How ? How ? How ? HOw can I be their good boy again ?