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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

HELP !!! Saving Private JAY

UPDATE : PRIVATE JAY HAD BEEN SAVED!!!! PRIVATE JAY'S WEBSITE IS UP AGAIN !!! YOHOOOOOOOOOO .......... But now I got a problem, since some of you wrote email to Jay, Now I dont know who actually saved private Jay .... ummmhhhhh .... whom shall I share the log cake, honey baked ham, and turkey with .... *scratch head*****

This is a mission to Saving Private JAY.

It seems that Private JAY's blog had been hack into, PLEASE HELP TO SAVE JAY!!!!!

This is a crucial time as Jay is not feeling well now and undergoing treatment for his low blood count. And Jay is super duper mega upset now. If you know of how to help Jay, please let me know.

Does anyone has any suggestion on how to prevent future hacking by those those those ..... errrr ..... I shall not say ..... people.

I hope you can help save private Jay and also help to pass the word around.

We from DWB must stay united and help each other .... errrr .... Help HElp HELP ....

How bout this? I promise to share my log cake, honey baked ham and turkey with whoever managed to save PRivate Jay ..... errrr ..... deal ????? plssssssss

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Another party !!

It has been a super duper mega long time since I attended a party. The last party that I went to was Jay's bark-day party.


I am looking forward to my next party. The Singapore DWB party on the 23 December !!! I heard from Gal Gal that there will be a lot of FOOD, .... FOOD ... FOOD .... FOOD .... LOG CAKES, .... MEAT LOAF ... FOOOD FOOD FOOD ... at the party

Gal Gal mentioned some other interesting things at the party, but somehow I can only remember the above .... wonder whats the other interesting things ... hmmmm .... I will go ask Gal Gal later again

Oh Yes, the MOST IMPORTANT THING, Gal Gal said that for those who are going we need to write an email to the organising committee at dwbxmas06@hotmail.com to confirm the attendance. I better get this done first, else I will miss out on all those fooD FOOD FOOD ....

Here goes

"Dear Organising Committee,

I WANT TO GO to the Singapore DWB xmas party. Do you think you can send a car to fetch me?

Can I have the following food ALL TO MYSELF PLEASE?


Log Cake

Honey Baked Ham

Thank You,

Yours faithfully,

Boo Boo"

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Birthday to Gal Gal

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its Gal Gal's birthday on the 18 Nov, and I only got to know it, I mean I knew it, but I errrr ..... yes, I overslept, ...... well not well .... OK !! I FORGOTTEN !!!

Sorry Gal Gal ....

And guess what?

Jay, Fufu and their owners made a card for Gal Gal

This is how the front of the card looks like

This is how the inside of the card looks like, and yes, thats Gal Gal's name - Jenn

Isnt the card a beauty? And since everyone is talking about the DWB xmas card now .... Who knows? You may also get an xmas card which looks something like this. But I am not sure, you may, you may not, I have yet to seen any cards at the moment :P

and since everyone is getting Gal Gal a small gift, let me show you what I got for her ......

Dont Blink !!!!

TADA !!!!! Dont you think my present is the MOST BEAUTIFUL??? ONE DOZEN ROSES !!! I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF .... but .... errr .... that also means that you will get less beautiful cards from me, cos I bought the roses from my DWB xmas cards "funds" .... but no worries, you will still get a card from me, I will try to make do with what I have left :P ...... Just kidding :) You guys are my friends !!! You will get a equally good DWB card from me :)

Monday, November 20, 2006

Dogs aged faster than humans

Warning : This is going to be a very SUPER DUPER MEGA sad post.

Dogs aged faster than humans, and have a shorter life span than humans. So chances are our humans will out-lived us.

And by now, all of you should know that I am a super duper mega old dog. I must thank God that I can live such a long time. I mean frankly speaking, pugs are not suited in climate like Singapore. But I am here anyway, and I believe for a reason.

But I thank God for a nice, super good owner that I have, they put me in air con rooms 24/7 when the weather is hot or when the haze is here.

Although I do not get to go out in the day till the late afternoon due to the hot weather, I know that my owners have my welfare at heart. I do miss out on all those fun events which my siblings always have in the dog park, I miss out on all the sun, but I know that it is for my own good.

And for that, I just want to say Thank you and I love You.

I came across this video and it is very sad for both the owner and the dog when the dog passed on, although it is in Japanese and sub-titled in Chinese, but I am sure you can tell the theme of the video even if you dont understand the above languages. The whole video is about 10 mins long. The first half is from the owners point of view. The second half is from the owners point of view.

Although both part talks about the departure of a pet dog, but the mood of the video is very different. In the first part, the owner ask repeatedly why the dog left so early and the mood is of a very sad one. The owner is very sad.

While the second part is from the dog's point of view, talking about the goodness that the owner has brought to the dog. How the dog is thankful to the owner for cleaning up after him, for protecting him, for chasing away the bees, etc. The mood is a lighter one, with a final thanks giving to the owner.

This video is very sad and makes my Gal Gal tears.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Rusty first visit

Remember Rusty? errrrr ........ yeah ..... MY Daughter

I am sure by now, you would have known from Jay and FuFu that Gal Gal met up with Rusty, the first time ever since she moved to stay with her fosterer.

Well, Rusty has come a long way, she has gain some weight now, and is 5kg, up from her previous 3.5kg. WOW, I wonder what does she eat, she is growing at an amazing rate @_@

But Gal Gal seems to be pretty concern about Rusty's low blood count ... hmmmm .... can I "transfer" some of my blood to Rusty??? hmmmmm ... good idea...

Anyway, Rusty came to visit me too and we had fun playing. Well, not me actualy, Rusty played with the other dogs, while I was sitting there, supervising their play. I dont actually play with them, I am a loner dog, remember?

Well, its good to see her again .... hope she finds a forever home ....

Anyone wants to give Rusty a good FOREVER home???

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Who exactly is Tommy?!?!?!

Many people have been asking me "WHO IS TOMMY?" Jay is asking, Fu Fu the Hams-terrier is also asking ..... So many people are asking the same question.

Some people asked is this Tommy the same Tommy as Herbie's friend, Tommy?

Well, the answer is .....

TOMMY IS MY GREATEST FAN !!! ..... If you guys want to join my fan club, go look for Tommy. You can find him in my shout box ... :)

And for those who want to see Tommy, please come to our very own Singapore dogs bloggers'
X'mas Party. Tommy may be there, Tommy may not be there :P

Tommy you want to come join us?? I can give you a HUGE PAW-TO-GRAPH .... hehehehe ..

Sunday, November 05, 2006

New Tag Board :)

I got my new Tag Board FINALLY !! .... I dont know what happen to my last one, it just decided to die on me one day ....

The reason why I have to get a tag board is because I miss my friend Tommy.

Well, you see, Tommy is one of my friend who used to "talk" to me on my tag board. Tommy seldoms leave any message on the blog's comments. He only talk to me on the tag board.

And I have not heard from Tommy for MONTHS already since my last tag board die on me .... So now I have to find back my friend Tommy. Does any one of you knows where is my Tommy?


Saturday, November 04, 2006

Mine? A boring blog??

I am so upset now .... recently, one of Gal Gal's friend told me that my blog is getting very boring ...

Well, I do agree that I dont update my blog as often Buster (Buster have just pledge to make a post EVERYDAY for the month of November - so do go around to sniff, you will be in for a surprise EVERYDAY :) ).

I do agree that my post is not as Picture intensive as Miss Sunshade

I know that I am not as unique as Fu Fu

I am also not a party animal like Jay

And I am also not as young as Boo

But whatelse do you expect from a 16 year old man like me???? Just go around and see if you can find a 16 year old dog-blogger who blogs more than me (Ok ... on the average, I think I blog once a week). The first one who comes back to me, I promised to get you an xmas gift :)

Also, you cant expect a 16 year old man to be actively running around doing all those cool little things like bungee-jumping right?

errrr .... welll ..... ok, I know I am a boring dog-blogger ***sob sob sob**** .... See, thats the problem when we gets old, when we get old, everyone starts complaining about us and finding fault about us .....

Btw, do anyone you knows Gal Gal's friend who said that I had a boring blog? Can someone tells him to stop talking nonsense .... and yes .... give him a kick on the butt too ..... I cant, cos I dont know who that person is ... *sigh****