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Friday, November 21, 2008

See you around , Ms Morning birdy

Oh yeah !!!!!! Patches is finally home with her mum !!!! This is such a big piece of news to ME and the human. Why ? Now, let me tell you why.

You see, in my family, Boy Boy the CKCS is the talkative one, he talks (ie whine) whenever he wants anything, and yes, I mean anything, he talks when he wants a walk, he talks when he wants to pee, he talks when he wants to poo, he talks when he wants to eat ...... he practically talk talk talk talk talk and makes lots of noise when he wants anything at all. Oh yes, he talks also when he gets scolded, its just like he is grumbling ......... but ..... he talks (ie whine) for a reason!!

Now you see, ever since Patches comes to my house, for some unknown reason, she talks every morning !!!! And we have no idea who or what or why is she talking, she just wake up and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk .... and it can last for the whole one hour when the human are preparing themselves to work.

On the second day, Patches started talking early in the morning again, before the human wakes up, until the human couldnt take it any more and threw the pillow in her direction and told her to shut up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But do you think she did ? no !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she continue talking.

And she only stop talking when the humans step out of the house ............. WHATS WRONG WITH HER !!!!!!!!!!??????????

Phew ! I am so glad that now we can have a quiet morning ......... every morning ......... quiet morning is so good .........

by the way, anyone knows what Patches was talking about every morning ?

Oh yeah, by the way, I sure miss her ........ she is one cutie sweetie pie .

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Groom Groom Groom Groom

OK !! Some of you guess it correctly !!! The little gal is Zen's sister, Patches !

Patches has ran away from home to our house and now Girl Girl has to help comb her hair at least twice a day.

I told Girl Girl not to comb Patches hair as she does not ever groom me at all ..... ok, not that I have that much fur to groom, BUT ..... thats besides the question...... Anyway, being a good owner, Girl Girl listen to me and didnt comb Patches hair for a while, and GUESS WHAT !!!!! This is what happen to Patches head when it is not groom !!!

I swear that is Patches' head and not her fat bum !!!!!

Anyway, I couldn't bear that look on her anymore, it just look so ........... ummmhhhhhh ..... ... ... ... never mind. So I beg Girl Girl to help groom Patches ......

Doesn't she looks better like this ?
Ok, this is Girl Girl showing off her beginner's top knot skills, I think this is better

I like this fountain on Patches head

Monday, November 17, 2008

New Dog in the House

Remember last week I mentioned that Bond is going to bring a girlfriend home ? Anyway, he did brought a girlfriend home on saturday, but whose girlfriend, we are still not sure now ......

Oh yes, this is the gal, do you see her ...... .... eyes and fangs ?????? ............ Oh MY MY MY !!!

She got evil eyes and evil fangs .......... but she has not used her evil eyes and evil fangs on anyone of us yet, cos Bond mentioned to her before that, if she were to use her evil eyes or evil fangs, Bond will not think twice to sit on her, I think that scares her off for a moment.

Oh yes, I am now sitting , sleeping, eating, dreaming with her 24/7 ...... dont be jealous you boys.

Anyone knows who this little gal is ? (Hint : she is also a blogger)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Back to my normal life with Gal Gal

That Gal Gal is finally back from the land of everything goes onto the table.

I hope she doesn't even think about practising what she see on China table on us.

Anyway, I heard that Bond will be bringing one gal home this weekend .... I wonder whether its his girlfriend ..... hmmmmm ......... who is this gal ?

Let's wait and see.

Monday, November 03, 2008

The things about baby sheep

Ok, I thought I would have recovered from my People Eating dogs trauma .... But then who knows ..... Gal Gal send me more shocking news ....... ***faint***

This time, Gal Gal told me that they were having dinner in a restaurant one day, and they they were served this funny looking soupy thingy ..... and not knowing what it was, Gal Gal stayed cleared of it.

One of Gal Gal's friend couldn't bear with the curiosity any more and he started the ask the host what that dish was ............. oh I tell you, he is better off not asking ..... cos he only asked AFTER he had ate that dish.

Well, that dish is ****drum rolls******

Babies lamb, or lamb foetus . Ok, that means they are unborn babies lamb taken out of the mother's sheep stomach .... and they cooked it ........................

Lucky Gal Gal didnt touch that dish ...... phew !!! I think Gal Gal had a very intersting time in China .......... the land of everything goes on the table .................