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Sunday, October 29, 2006

EXTRA ! EXTRA ! Singapore D-bloggers, take note !!


All Singapore D-bloggers (this of cos includes our Dear FUFU as well, please take note !! I got some exciting news !!

Please remember to stay tuned to Jay's blog this few days, there is an EXCITING NEWS to be announce!!

I have been sworn to secrecy not to say a word ,..... Jay will do the talking


I got a DAUGHTER !!

Some of you might have known already that Gal Gal rescued a puppy who was involved in a road accident.

So this puppy, Rusty, got to stay with us for a while. On the second day when she was home, somebody (not a doggie person though) came up to Gal Gal and asked "Wow ! what a nice cute puppy, still so small .... is this the child of Boo Boo?"

****faint***** I nearly died standing on the spot ..... and nearly wanted to reply, "Errr, yeah, she is my daughter if I sit on her and squash her face to become as flat as mine" .... hahahahaha ...

Ok, take a look , besides our coat, which are brown / fawn and our black face / muzzle .... what else have we in common. Does she really looks like my daughter?

This is me

And this is rusty

Monday, October 23, 2006

More of the Designers Calender

This is a continuation of the last 2 post, so make sure you start from there so that you dont get lost yeah? : )

To tell the truth, I am really facinated by the creativity of the human designers, they can turn a plan looking little calenders into something so BEAUTIFUL !!

Here's more

Note that this purple one is done by a 7 year old gal! Isnt she a gem?

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Designers' Calender

Ok, this is a continuation from the last post, you got to read the last post before you come to here alright?

Now, I have just completed my calender design. And first, let me show you where my inspiration came from. Here is my inspiration: ME !! aka BOO BOO !!

And this is the calender design by ME !! aka THE WORLD'S RENOWNED DESIGNER PUG BOO BOO !!!

So what do you think? I think its beautiful ! Note also that this is the first calender in the world done by PUG !

Let me show you the other calenders done by the humans, and I think they are beautiful, more beautiful than mine in fact.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Calenders AGAIN .....

As we are nearly the end of the year, lots of things comes to my mind Xmas (FOOD & PRESENTS), NEW YEAR (FOOD), etc etc .... and calenders (too bad, NON FOOD).

I saw this calender by Animals Lovers League and thinks that they are BEAUTIFUL ... take a look yourself.

And why do I like this calender?

1) Its made with biodegradeable material to remind us to be environment conscious.
2) The material is made with paper carton material to remind all of us how stray kittens and puppies are often staying in such shelters in the streets, braving the harsh conditions as a stray.
3) Each individual month of the card has a reverse side of a postcard, so we can still use it as a postcard after the month is over.
4) The frame of the calendar can be used as a photoframe after its eventual lifespan in 2008. We do not throw away old and expired calendars anymore, cos there is use for it after 2007.
5) The calendar comes in versatile and interchangable head and tails, in the shape of a dog or a cat
6) The calendar is wrapped up nicely and neatly with thick brown paper and an ALL sticker seal, perfect gift for any birthdays, even more meaningful as a Christmas present at end of the year.
7) The ALL 2007 calendar is selling for a mere S$10 only.
8) The calendar is fun, has an element of surprise and encourages creativity. We can self-construct our own calendar upon unwrapping it, making it all our own creation at the end of the construction.
9) The calendar will stick out like a sore thumb at home or in the office and the beautful part about it is it can immediately declare ourself as an animal lover with its unique shape.
10) We can help sustained a shelter for 500 over stray and abandoned cats and nearly 200 similar plight dogs at Animal Lovers League.

And guess what? I bought a calender and make it MY OWN .... I will show you my artwork in the next post >.<

Tuesday, October 10, 2006



You see, there was this calender contest by Owned By Pugs and I submitted my most handsome, cute, adorable pics over and I got selected and my pics will appear on the December Calender !!

That's handsome me on the last pics :)

SO I AM NOW A CALENDER BOY !!! Hope I gets more modeling / calender assignments from now onwards !! YIPEE ......

Oh, back to the calender, proceeds from the purchase of the calender will go to Compassionate Pug Rescue ("CPR"). CPR is a non provit, volunteer run pug rescue organisation based in South Florida. All the donation will go towards nursing needy pugs back to health and the calender serves as a daily reminder that a donation of any size makes a huge difference in the life of a pug.

I want to help all these homeless pugs, for, I, myself was once homeless and rescued by Fat Fat.

"EXTRA EXTRA !!! Calenders for sales !!! EXTRA EXTRA ...."

Monday, October 09, 2006

Haze Haze Haze

Its been very hazy over at sunny side Singapore over the past 4 days.

What I heard was that there are some forest fire over at Indonesia (whereever that is) and the last I heard, there are over 100 hot spots and dense fire over there. But I do get hot spot too, how come I dont give out smoke and fire ???? Thats very wierd isnt it?

Anyway, the hot spots give out fire and smoke and when the wind blows towards the direction of sunny side Singapore, Singapore becomes hazy !!!!! There was one day that it got so bad that visibility has dropped to so low that I cant see further than one kilometer .... For more reports, its here

And its so bad that some of my friends are coughing and has red and watery eyes !!

And because of the haze, Gal Gal say its FOR MY OWN GOOD, that I dont go out ??

What ???? I cant go out ???? ***cry cry cry cry cry*****

When can I go out??? How bout I go overseas? Anyone want to take me in???

oh, I almost forgot, due to the haze, I get to stay in an air conditioned room 24hrs for the past few days !!!! thats so nice, its a luxury in fact :)

hmmmmmm ... on one hand, I want the haze to go, so that I get to go out, on the other hand I want the haze to stay so that I get the 24hr air con ....... What should I pray for then ....... ***thinking ...... thinking .... haze go? haze stay? haze go? haze stay? ***

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Oh no !! Something bad happened !!!

Gal Gal was clearing her stuffs the other day and she found one of my vacin records and guess what ???????

I am NOT 14 years old as I thought I was, I am in fact 16 years old already !!!

****faint faint faint ****** how can I be so old ???? I still feel so young !!!!

HONESTLY, do I look old?

Ok, I can see that my face is turning white ....... arggghhh .... **faint****