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Monday, April 30, 2007

Cheeze Wine Pawty

It has been a long long long long weekend for me ....

I was at the DWB Cheeze and Wine Pawty, and I make lots of new friends over there !!

Something funny happy. I was trying to gain entrance into the Pawty and when the door keeper ask for my name, I said "BooBoo" .... and the door keeper look at me strangely and said "No vulgar words please" .... I scratch my head and said "My name is BooBoo". Again, the door keeper stare at me rudely. "NO VULGAR WORDS PLEASE" .... So I said "Excuse me Sir, my name is Boo Boo". Finally I got into the PAWTY .... phew ....

It was only when I was inside when I realised why the door keeper was mad at me, he thought my name was "BOOB oo" .... He thought I said the dirty word " BOOB" ... ahhahhahahahahha .... this is so funny.

I enjoyed myself very much there. The best part about the party is that I got a KISS from my darling BABY .... yohoooooooooo

I hope there are more pawty to come

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I heard from my brother Bond that there is going to be a pawty, a pawty, a WINE & CHEESE PAWTY !!!

And we are going WITHOUT our humans !!! The humans are going to their own PAWTY !!!!

Please check this out for the human pawty and this for the DWB PAWTY

Yohooooooo ....... time to dress up, time to dress up, TIME TO DRESS UP !!!!

Do I look nice? .... wait .... I forgot to smile, too excited to smile

Therapy AGAIN

Remember my previous post about me being a Dog Therapist where I help residents and patients at old folks home?

Well, sometimes I can be very lazy, and I end up being the one receiving the therapy from the residents.

Tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk .... I have to do some reflection and do something about myself

Me : Yes Grandma, higher up to the left please .... no no .... 2 cm to the right .... arggggghhhhhhhhh ..... thats right

Monday, April 16, 2007

Kidnapped !!!

I went to do therapy works with the old folks at Bethany Methodist Nursing Home last weekend.

As I am a small dog, part of my "duty" is to go up to the wards to visit the bedridden residents. While those big size doggies, do their work in the main hall with those residents who are mobile and can move to the main hall.

I was slightly early and spend part of my time in the main hall with some of the residents.

Guess WHAT ???? I was kidnapped next !!!!! I was doing my therapy work with this grandma, and she refused to let me go !!!!! .... And I missed my ward visits !!!

For the whole session, the grandma was patting me, saying "oh ... .Boo Boo is so cute and sweet and FAT"

And for the whole session, this grandma refused to let other resident touch me, not ever Gal Gal ..... And yes, I was kidnapped by her ...... Here's the evidence.


Actually I dont mind being kidnapped by this grandma, cos she saved me lots of trouble jumping from bed to bed in the residents' ward, and all I need to do is to smile and lay down on her legs .....

See you again next month Grandma !!! :)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Stone Painting

Last year, I got a Malaysian painter, Aunty Suzi, to do up 2 stone paintings of myself and my best friend, Benji.

This is the stone version of a skinny me (last time, now I am fatter :P)

Here's a photo of Benji

And this my stone Benji

I think Aunty Suzi is A GENIUS !!!! A PERFECT PAINTER !!! What do you guys think?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Sleeping and snoring in progress, do not disturb

Monday, April 02, 2007

Hello !!! Mr Giant :)

Gal Gal brought me to visit Mr Giant over the weekends.

Mr Giant stays in a pet shop during the day .... and be warned, he IS A GIANT !

HALLOOOOOOOOOOO MR GIANT !!! Can you hear me ? You got to come closer to me, or you cant hear me.

You smell good MR GIANT ....

Wait Wait wait ...... did I see some food there?

Sorry MR GIANT .... I got an important task here .... FOOD COMES FIRST .... talk to you later ya?

Don't you think I look like a small little ant besides MR GIANT?


On a side note, I got a NEW FRIEND , Sweety. Sweety is a new kid in the blog, visit Sweety often ok?