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Thursday, April 17, 2008


I was in jail since this week.

Sometimes, my friends visit me

And my crime .................. ................. ..........

for having a lumpy lump on me and letting other dogs lick my lumpy lump ......... oh gesssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ...... who is the stupid judge ?

Any of you doggies heard of this type of stupid judgement ?

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Review of my lumpy lump

OK ! I have finish my course of antibiotics and although the lumpy lump looks nice and cool now, But the bad news is that, IT IS STILL THERE !!!!!!!!!!

Part of the reason it is still there is because the bitch, I mean Girl Girl the CKCS, keeps licking my lumpy lump ! And as it is constantly wet with her saliva, my lumpy lump is never healing !!!! ARGGGGHHHHHHH

So, now, Gal Gal said that I needs to be on confinement, just like how those mothers who just give birth have to be on confinement.

So all thanks to Girl Girl the CKCS, I am now ALONE ! all by myself! 24/7. Away from the licky Girl Girl.

And guess what? Instead of staying at home, I heard that arrangements have been made for me to be sent to Bond's office everyday, so that I can recuperate in peace.

Oh ! Lumpy Lumpy go go go go go .... GO AWAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY