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Monday, January 29, 2007

My first therapy work

For those who are not familiar, my brother Bond is a certified therapy dog. He goes to old folks homes, hospice, schools for children with special needs and makes friend with the residents / students.

And its very amazing to see the results on how some of the residents / students response to therapy dogs like Bond :)

This is Bond at work and this is more about Bond's therapy work

Since Bond feels like lazing around last friday, I when for my FIRST THERAPY SESSION on behalf of Bond.

I when to a day care centre for the old aged and a hospice. The first resident that I met was an old lady who was blind and it feels so good to have her touching me :D. The second resident that I met was Grandma Mary, Grandma Mary is also blind and she keeps touching me and said, "Boo Boo is so BIG and FAT !!! Boo Boo's coat is so soft !!!!!".

I do agree that I am big and have soft coat .... but errr. .... FAT ???? hmmmmm ..... maybe she sense me eating lots of stuff :P

There after, we went to the wards in the hospice. However, most of the patients were having their naps and we didnt actually get to meet many patients. I went to one patients who pretended to be sleeping but his face light up when he saw me ******SMILE******

I stayed and cuddled with him for a while and I got some of my other doggy friends to perform for this old man (errrrr .... old man like me cant perform, I leave that to the young ones :P). He is really a sweet old man.

I hope Bond feels lazy from now on, so that I can go on his behalf more often.

I had wanted to post some pics up but again, Fat Fat and Gal Gal reminded me that it may not be nice to post up photos of the residents and patients without their permission .... hmmmm ... well .... ok .... what a waste .......

Is there really no other way I can share my joy with my friends ???? ...... :(

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

My Personal Bodyguard

Does anyone knows that I have got a Personal Bodyguard. And the best thing about him is that I do not have to pay a single cent for this personalise service :D

Some of you may have heard of Boy Boy the CKCS. For those who are not familiar, Boy Boy is a 6 year old (I think) CKCS. Fat Fat and Gal Gal adopted him some years back.

This is Boy Boy

Sometimes I call him Flappy, cos his ears will flap when he walks and runs .... a very funny Boy.

Boy Boy is NOT a loner, unlike me, and he likes company, and hate to be alone. He will bark his head off if he is ever left alone. Because of this, he likes to follow me wherever I go. Errrrr ..... yes, even to the toilet .... ***roll eyes***

And Gal Gal commented that Boy Boy is practically like a shadow of mine, and in a sense he is very protective over me and will bark his head off if I am not within his sight ..... To the extend that I sometimes wonder if he is gay.

He is so protective to the extend that when we sleep, he MUST MUST MUST have body contact with me, and he wakes up immediately if we lost that "body contact".

See for yourself

Dont you think he can be my bestest friend?

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My Special Dinner

Today I had a very special dinner ..... it is so so so so so so so so so special dinner that by the time dinner is served, it is 1230am !!!!! It is way pass my dinner time at 1030pm !!! .... *faint* .... I nearly die of hunger ....

But I must say that it is worth the LONGGGGGG wait ..... but I must say that Gal Gal is super duper mega slow in preparing our dinner.

Well, we had organic noodles, a hard boiled egg and unagi (a Japanese fish) seaweed and egg shell. Errr .... the unagi and seaweed dont actually look very appetising ... you will know what I mean when I show you the pics later. BUT, the most important part is that it taste GOOD !!!!!! :)

Gal Gal had the seaweed soak for a super duper long time, steamed the unagi and seaweed together, and mash up the unagi and seaweed.

This is our dinner

However, when the food is served to us, it doesnt looks anything like that at all as Gal Gal had mixed the whole thing together ..... dont you think that the unagi and seaweed doesnt look appetising at all ?

Guess Gal Gal have lots of rooms to improve .... but well, I am fine as long as they taste good :P

Sunday, January 14, 2007

I am BACK!!!!

Sorry for the lack of post recently. I have a bad piece of news to announce .... hmmm ... but let me monitor for a while first before I decide whether to make the announcement ....

Anyway, it has been raining for the past few days, and we are looking at continuous rain for the past few days. And cos of the rain, we had been in door for the past few days.

This is Boy Boy, the CKCS, and me, pretending to be hiding from the rain :P

Not too bad ah .....

***singing*** Rain drops keeps falling on my head ... dong dong dong......

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy 2007

Wohooooo ..... 2006 was here and its gone !!!

WELCOME 2007, hope you brings my friends, my family and me more TREATS, more FOOD, more BONES, more TOYS, and more of EVERYTHING ! And yes, hopefully more friends :) and may this be a better year than last :)

Oh yes ! I have been tagged again by Baby and Boy and the rules of the game is the person who is being tagged have to list down 5 new year resolution and tagged 5 person there after.

My new year resolution

My new year resolution is not to make any more new year resolutions !

Well, let me explain, I used to make new year resolutions. However, I always never fulfill them 90% of the time !!!! Either I am not setting realistic resolutions or that .... well, I don't know. I guess I gradually give up .....

Well never mind :D