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Monday, September 07, 2009

wohoooo .... im back !!!

Contrary to popular believe, I have not gone missing, I am still alive and kicking and yes !!! I AM BACK NOW !!!!

ok, just a quick updates of what i have been up to lately.

1) Gal Gal had been busy travelling around the whole world (acutally China only) for a while ...... and we had been missing for 1/2 a year cos the Fat one refuse to on the computer for me to blog. (Correction : "the Fat one DOES NOT KNOW how to on the computer for me to blog)

2) Remember this new villager?

Well, we are happy that we have found a good home for him ..... I kind of miss him, a very happy, obedient and nice little fellow, except when he see food. He turns into a hooligan when he sees food. I hope he is happy whereever he is now.

3) Remember this OTHER villager?

Yes, thats her at the back. The big fat golden one.

She has learn to poo at the right place now !!! THANK DOG !!! Thats like after one and a half months..... thats how errr ..... not fast ...... she is *dumb bimbo*

The funny thing about her is that she KNOWS where to poo AT NIGHT, during the day, she pees at the wrong place !!!!! She is the dumbest bimbo that I have ever seen, something is wrong with her !!! Maybe we should blindfold her so that she will think that everytime is night time so she will pee at the right place .... hahahahaha

3) you guys remember Mr A? The one who "give / dump" his 5 month old husky with us?

Oh ! I have "G.R.E.A.T." updates about him !! Remember he had a GR puppy? Well, recently, I heard he bought a GR with Champion blood (whatever those craps means - blood are blood to me) and is giving away the puppy GR ~~~~~ ....... and again, he ask my dear brother, Bond, for help. And of cos, my selfish brother refuse to help!!! And I guess Bond did the right thing! Look MR A, if you are reading this (which i doubt :P) ........ I think you are very ...... errrr ...... handsome ........

oh wait !!! you think thats all ? nope , wait a minute. Mr A also pass us some GR puppies (where he got those, we are not interested and we dont know and dont want to know). And we are now helping to find some good homes for those puppies. So if you know of anyone who is interested in some 4 months old puppies, do let us know ..... they are very cute and grow well !!

4) Me? Oh as usual, I have been busy eating and sleeping and getting angry with the new villagers who NEVER fails to disturb me!!! I have been snapping at them at least twice a month when they go overboard, but the problem is I have always failed to bite them as my snort is too short to reach them ..... *sign* ...... is there any surgery to make my mouth and teeth and face less flat ?

Phew ! What A lot of writing ! I will update soon !!

Love and miss you guys !

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Busy House !!!!

I have been so busy at home !!! And guess with what ????

Toilet training for the new villagers of cos !!! First it was toilet training for the Husky, and I must tell you! He is so smart ! He learns fast ! He got it within like 3 days ? And he is a clean freak! He wouldnt step on his pee and poo ! That's so nice of him.

Well, i cant say the same for the other new villager. She is a direct opposite of Husky boy! she is a DIRTY FREAK !!!

AFTER 3 LONG WEEKS, she is still not getting her toilet training right :S ..... Even after I show her, scream at her, bite her, bark at her, kick at her, she sometimes still get the toilet training wrong !!! **sigh** What shall I do with her .......

As you can see from the picture below, we are all one big happy family, well, except Mr husky. I notice that Mr Husky does not like to smile at all, And I wonder why.

Friday, February 27, 2009

New Villager !!!

Oh man !!! I am so excited now !!!! So So So excited !!! Guess what ?

WE HAVE A NEW VILLAGER in our smal tiny village !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is us checking out the new villager
I guess we must have freak him out A LOT !!! He just stay there STIFF !! STIFF LIKE A STATUE to let us check him out, he didnt even dare move .... I guess he didnt have much of a choice as we had corner him .... HIAK HIAK HIAK HIAK .....

Oh Yes! For his sad story and how he came to know about our village, its all here

I think this is all BOND'S fault !!! If he had not been so cute, so adorable, so ........... Mr A would not have purchase any dog !!! So we think it is all HIS FAULT !!!!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


The other day, Fat Fat gave us one bottle of funny looking stuffs, so Girl Girl steam it for us .....

This is what it looks like, I was told this is an Aba-loney ........ taste very "sea-side" ....... but it nice ........

Anyway, I like food !!! And this is good food !!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Whats for dinner ??

What else but pigs' tail !!!!!!

Yummilicioussssssssssss .............. chomp chomp chomp chomp chomp .....

I had 2 of these !!! so nice !!!

I have 3 more to go , who else wants ?

Friday, February 06, 2009


Recession is a big word to us doggies, it actually does not make too much sense to us.

I heard the human say Recession = Cut cost. ..... both are big words to me........

But recently, I saw the human do this to us....... this is our ORIGINAL pee pad

Look at the size compare to our food bowl.

Recently, the humans have cut the above pee pad into 8 pieces and this is what you see now
LOOK AT THE SIZE NOW !!! Luckily we are now smart enough to pee ONTO the pee pad and not outside ........

Any idea what is this recession and cost cutting thingy ? Are they edible? good or bad ?

Let me go figure that out in my dreams zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Breakfast and dinner?

You know, I only have one meal per day. And thats dinner. Gal Gal is always saying, "old man doesnt need to eat so much"

But you know what? I found out that Zen and Patches eat two meals per day ! They have breakfast and dinner EVERY SINGLE DAY !!! Oh man ! Life is so unfair..........

When they were here, Zen and Patches' mum give me specific instructions for their feeding.

LISTEN UP !! This is what she said, "Here is a patty for Zen and Patches breakfast and dinner, they are to finish this for their breakfast and dinner."

Zen and Patches breakfast and dinner for a day.

And this is what their mum said next, "Divide this patty into 1/2. For breakfast, Patches will have 1/4 of the 1/2 and Zen will have 3/4 of the 1/2. For dinner, Patches will have 1/2 of the 1/2 and Zen will have 1/2 of the 1/2."

I ... .... I ..... I ...... I really dont understand woman ...... why must they make my life so difficult? I mean all those 1/2 and 1/4 and 3/4 ..... is she sure that they will end up as ONE WHOLE?

I ..... I ..... I ...... I am going for my maths class now ...... anyone wants to come along?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Oh ! I am so excited !!!

Tibby is starting a BINGO game and this is my LUCKY BINGO card !!!!!!


Wish me luck will you ?


Happy Lunar New Year to all my friends !!!!


As we welcome the new year, we also welcome 2 new additions to our small village, anyone can guess who the new additions to our village is ?

We were having a small village conference yesterday with the 2 new additions (in fact only one is new) yesterday.

Boo Boo (BB) : Welcome to our village ! As a village head, each of us shall now brief you on our village rules. So LISTEN UP, especially the new guys !


Bond : I cant remember which rule number this is, but it says "NO fighting is allowed - if you must fight, please do not draw blood, or else .........(oppppssss, its the Chinese New Year now, I am not supposed to say bad or threatening things, so please fill in the blank ............

Zen : Yeah Yeah Yeah ........

Girl Girl the CKCS : No peeing or pooing except INSIDE the toilet, or else ........... **piak piak piak*** ........

Boy Boy the CKCS : No running outside the house and gate, or else ............ ***whisper : dont ever come back*** .... As a guide, do not cross the line shown in the below pic

Boo Boo : ok !! These are the basic house rules, learn them well and you will enjoy your stay here.

Zen : Hey ! Patches ! Didnt you tell me this is a nice holiday resort ? Didnt you tell me the people and dogs here are nice ? How come you didnt tell me about all these rules !!?? I felt like I am in prison !!

Patches : Hey Sistar ! Everything comes with a price ! You want to enjoy resort facilities you have to pay with a price ! you didnt ask me for the price tag .........

Boo Boo, Bond, Girl Girl the CKCS, Boy Boy the CKCS, Patches : ****EVIL GRIN*****

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Boo Boo the Chef at work

This is the first time that I am showing off my cooking skills, all this skills doesn't come easy. You need lots of practise to make it perfect.

First of all, you need minced beef / chicken / pork or any meat. You have to decide the quantity. But the quantity should be enough to feed a village. I have a small village here, so I am only cooking this much

Next, put in 4 raw eggs, or you decide the amount of eggs that you need.

Then mix the egg and meat until it is very even and lay the patty on a plate like this. You may want to draw some lines on the patty so that it will be evenly cooked.
Next, put the whole plate into a steamer and steam for about 7 minutes and your dinner is ready !!!

Oh wait ! remember we had 4 eggs earlier, DO NOT throw away the egg shell. Egg shell are good source for calcium. What you can do is to get a pounder, put all the egg shell in, like this And you just keep pounding and pounding for about 5 minutes and you should get powdered egg shell like this
You can sprinkled the egg shell onto the meat and your dinner is ready !!! Start chomping pal !

Oh ! I didnt have time to take photos before I eat ! who does that anyway ?

Friday, January 02, 2009

I am fine :)

Thanks for all the concern, I am fine!

Let me tell you in details what actually happen that day. Girl the CKCS was eating something NOT yummy on MY bed, and when I went over to take over my bed, that not-so-lady lady just suddenly lunged at me and attacked my handsome face. There was some exchange of words between the both of us and Gal Gal the human came and broke up the fight, chased Girl the CKCS away from MY bed, punished the CKCS and put me down on MY bed.

After she was done with punishing the CKCS, she came and kiss me, but she was shocked to see that the WHOLE of my left eyes is bloodied !!! No exageration, it was the whole eye, she thought that the CKCS had punctured my eyes or something.

As it was past midnight then, I did not go to the vet. Gal Gal the human give me first aid immediately.

But luckily I only had a tear on my eye lid and my balls, I mean eye balls, are still intact and not injured. Phew !!!

Oh, Girl the human punished the CKCS soooooooooooooooo HARD that the CKCS did not dare to come near to me or the human for the whole day, when she sees either of us, she practically went into hiding.

Well, I shall be forgiving and forgive her then:)

Oh, this is my handsome eye and face. No visible wounds :)

Still Handsome right ?